refinishing old wood with coconut oil, painted furniture

Refinishing Old Wood with Coconut Oil

To refinish old dry wood simply sand and wash with warm soapy water. Let the wood dry out (after washing it). Now using a clean dry rag apply a thin coat of coconut oil. Let it sit for 5 minutes or so, and then buff (wipe in a circular motion). Repeat if the wood is really dry.
For this piece I also applied a coat of Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Wax as added protection.
The coconut oil brought out the natural color of the wood, re-hydrated the wood, and took away that old musty barn smell. Oh yeah and it's also a great hand moisturizer. It's a win-win!

my completely free laundry room makeover, home decor, laundry rooms, Baskets for extra storage

My Completely Free Laundry Room Makeover

What began as a quick decluttering ended up being a huge makeover of everything in my laundry room. Even the garbage can got a new look! And my goal was to do everything for FREE!
Everything I used was stuff I already had. Leftover paint, scrapbook paper, scrap fabric, leftover plywood, vinyl, and containers I had in other areas of my house. I was amazed at what I had lying around in my house. Free is always good.

how to turn a bi fold door into a double door, closet, doors

How to turn a bi-fold door into a double door

Our pantry door was constantly falling off the track and was driving me crazy. I looked into buying a new door (I wouldn't do a bi-fold door again) but was looking at about $100 ( I wanted something with a bit of character). But thought I may as well just try re-using the broken bi-fold door first and turning it into a double door. I figured if it didn't work it would be no loss. But it worked and only cost about $20. This was a really simple project but you will need someone to help you hold the doors.

use reusable grocery bags to grow potatoes, gardening, Roll down sides to allow sun and rain to reach potatoes

Use Reusable Grocery Bags to Grow Potatoes

When I discovered that the potato grow bags cost $20 each I decided to try using my old reusable grocery bags to grow my potatoes in this year. Add 3" of soil to bottom, add potatoes eye side up, cover with additional 4" of soil. Once plant is 8" high add more soil. Keep adding soil until bag is full. Once plant starts to die and wilt, stop watering. Wait a couple of weeks and dump bag out. Harvest your home grown potatoes.

how to weatherproof a garden mirror, diy, gardening, how to, outdoor living, painting

How to Weatherproof a Garden Mirror

An inexpensive thrift store mirror hung on a garden fence is a great way to add character and visually expand a small garden. Since the mirror I picked up was only intended to be used indoors I needed a way to weatherproof it. Every type of polyurethane I found was for interior use only. But as I was about to leave Lowes I found something called Flexible Sealer (in the spray paint aisle). It’s meant to seal tiny outdoor leaks like on your downspout. It’s a liquid rubberized coating that fills any small cracks or holes. It dries clear and is paintable. My outdoor mirror wont last forever but hopefully I've extended the life by a couple of years.

2 diy fridge mats from vinyl placemats, crafts

$2 DIY Fridge Mats From Vinyl Placemats

Make cleaning your fridge a little easier with fridge mats made from vinyl placemats. I found these placemats at Target for $2 each. Simply cut them and laid them on the shelves. Now when I have a spill I can just pull out the mat and wash it in the sink.

my trick to make furniture stripping super easy, painted furniture

Super Easy Way to Strip Painted Furniture

To make stripping painted furniture dramatically easier, use a garbage bag! Yes that's it. I use Citrustrip to strip the paint and then stick a garbage bag directly onto the furniture (when the Citrustrip is still wet). Leave on for up to 24 hours (it works best if left overnight). Remove garbage bag and watch as the paint basically falls right off. Now take your scraping tools and remove paint. Once the majority of the paint is removed I use mineral spirits to remove any leftover oil based paint and stripper.

how to spray paint laminate furniture, painted furniture

How to Spray Paint Laminate Furniture

I found this $10 laminate dresser and gave it a little grey-stripe makeover. With a sanding and a good primer you can paint any piece of laminate furniture. I used painters tape to create the stripes and gave the original handles some red spray paint. Perfect for my little boys bedroom. Easy way to give a fresher modern update to a dark and dated laminate furniture that you can find at any thrift store or yard sale.

a tea party for the birds, gardening, repurposing upcycling, Bird Feeder

A Tea Party for the Birds

I found these stair spindles for $1 each at the ReStore and had these small plates from a thrift store. I simply glued them together and added some bird seed. Now I just need to wait for spring to arrive!
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boring to blue kitchen makeover, diy, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, painting

Boring to Blue Kitchen Makeover

It took two months of nap time painting sessions to take our kitchen from boring builder grade basic to blue and white. The upper cabinets were painted white and the lowers a dark blue. Now when I change my mind (which I do often) I only have to paint the bottom cabinets for a whole new look. Added a flea market shelf above the sink, switched out the light to one I found at the ReStore and spray painted. Added wood corbels from Home Depot. And updated the faucet to a gooseneck faucet from Overstock.

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