uprading an old shoe rack

Uprading an Old Shoe Rack

My brother made a shoe rack about 5 years ago, I noticed I could probably fit an extra shelf in there and some storage for our shopping bags. It was also in dire need of a clean up and refinishing.

english tool chest restoration

English Tool Chest Restoration

I was fortunate enough to inherit an English Tool Chest from my cousin earlier in the year, it was his grandfathers and since his two sons didn't want it he asked me. It had some awful sticky back plastic stuck to it so it was crying out for a restoration to its former self (or close to).

rustic branch door handle

Rustic Branch Door Handle

Due to changing the lock on my shed I needed a handle on the inside. I've always wanted to make one from a branch but never had the excuse to do so, here's my excuse!

from drawer to shelf unit upcycling project

From Drawer to Shelf Unit - Upcycling Project

I had a drawer left over from a previous build and I was looking for somewhere to store it in my little shed until I figured out what I wanted to do with it. I leaned it up against a wall and thought to myself "hmm, that actually wouldn't look too bad mounted to the wall as a shelf" ..... so I made a shelf from it. Not the most exciting story but its true! I have a two part video series up on YouTube showing the process and more detailed steps below, here's how I did it....

sofa arm table from old shelves

Sofa Arm Table From Old Shelves

My good friends wanted a sofa arm table to keep their drinks on whilst sitting in comfort and so asked me to make one. I had some pine that was previously used for shelves which was the right size and so perfect for the job. I have a video on YouTube showing the process as well as more details below.

cd unit upgrade

CD Unit Upgrade

I was requested by my mum to take these two CD units and turn them into one cabinet. They're from a furniture range called Corona and seem to be some kind of pine with a light brown dye added. Her requests were that the back board have that particular shape and that there was a top and three shelves. I used some pine I had stored after taking a desk apart to make all the pieces needed. If you'd like to see the build then feel free to check out the YouTube video, I'll also include some more description on how I made it below.

small shelf unit from an old sideboard top

Small Shelf Unit From an Old Sideboard Top

I received an old sideboard for free recently and the top, unfortunately, had been damaged by being out in the elements, warped and bent out of shape. So I decided to take the top off the sideboard and turn it into some decorative shelves. You can check out the video of the build on YouTube and read a bit about how I did it below. I hope you enjoy it!

small storage box from pallet wood

Small Storage Box From Pallet Wood

I was asked to make a small storage box which resembled one that was already bought from a shop with a couple of changes. It'll end up at a wedding next year in the men's bathroom where it'll store perfumes and toiletries. This is made completely from pallet wood and is a great beginner project as it can be made with less complicated joints if need be.

upcycled iron man cabinet from chest of drawers

Upcycled Iron Man Cabinet From Chest of Drawers

A friends son needed a cabinet for his bedroom and it was requested that I make it Iron Man themed. I had an old chest of drawers that I got for free and so could see that it was the ideal piece to use. I've got a video up on YouTube showing the build and I'll share some details of how I made it below.

making printing blocks from firewood

Making Printing Blocks From Firewood

I really wanted to try my hand at making some printing blocks just because I love the result they give and I knew it would be a bit of a challenge. Naturally the first design I tried out was my logo and after that I attempted to make a symbol from Game of Thrones. Check out the video if you'd like to see close ups of how the details came through.

About meGrowing up in a rural county in the East of England I've always been interested in making things and exploring nature. This has led me to follow my passion of woodworking and now I want to share the things I'm making and let them be viewed, used and improved!