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Shower and Tub Cleaner

This is a quick and easy way to keep your shower clean in just two minutes a day.Just get a dish washing wand and fill the dispenser half with vinegar and half with liquid dish soap. Keep it in the shower. That way everything is ready to go. When you get in, wet the sponge, and scrub away. Next, well, take a shower. That's it. I do a little section of the shower each day and work my way around the whole area about twice a week.
If the mixture gets thick, just add a little water. Also, I would caution that it is important to rinse well, and keep out of eyes as you would any cleanser.

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Clean Your Oven the Fast and Easy Way!

Would you like to have a sparkling clean oven, but procrastinate cleaning it because you think it will take too long or be too much work? This post is for you! Click the link below and you will find the easiest way to clean your oven regardless of how dirty it is. My ovens were disgusting and this method worked like a charm!

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Ant Poison DIY

Have you ever had an ant invasion in your home? I had one this week under my computer desk. I ran for the ant spray and found an empty can. A few minutes on Pinterest led me to the inexpensive and effective homemade ant poison. Worked like a charm on the first try!

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Miracle Wand for Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

Fill a dish wand with cleaning solution for glass. Makes for easy upkeep of glass shower doors.

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The No Scrub Way to Clean Stove Burners

I am in the market for a magic cleaning fairy. Hmm.....actually I would like to find an invisible, magic cleaning fairy. A true fairy is thinner than I am and probably more beautiful. Not sure I want to see that every day! What do I want this magical creature to clean? I'm most interested in having her clean the really nasty stuff that happens all the time.

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DIY Granite Cleaner

This is going to really show my age, but how many of you remember "Alice" the housekeeper from the Brady Bunch Family TV show? You never really got to see her doing much cleaning other than light vacuuming and constantly wiping down the kitchen counters with a snow white cleaning cloth.

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Organize Kitchen Aid Accessories With Command Hooks

Why didn't I think of that? So easy to do!

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The Magic Way to Wash Windows

We have found the BEST, EASIEST and FASTEST way to wash windows. Click the link below to find out how to get your windows sparkling clean without having to dry them! You are going to love us for this one!

cleaning your refrigerator water dispenser tray, cleaning tips, Icky water stains on your refrigerator water tray Well tell them goodbye because this simple tip will solve that in minutes

Cleaning your refrigerator water dispenser tray.

Have any icky hard water stains in your refrigerator's water dispenser tray? Try the vinegar trick! It will have your tray looking like new in 5 minutes.

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Easy Bathroom Mold Solution

I love simple solutions. This is the easiest, most effective way to deal with mold trapped in caulk or grout in the tub or shower. Click to see how I did it with no scrubbing whatsoever!

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Made From Pinterest
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