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Cloved Clementines? Why Should Oranges Have All The Fun!

Do you love the smell and look of those cloved orange pomander balls? Do you love those cute and tasty little clementine oranges? Well, you're in luck - I've combined both loves for you! Simple. Easy. And make a great hostess or teacher gift for the holidays.
Items you'll need for my cloved clementines:
Bag of clementines

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Quick And Easy DIY Sailboat Decor

A couple years ago we had a little mini tornado (F-0 I believe) go through our yard and damage a couple trees and do minor damage to the roof. We were so lucky that it wasn't anything more serious as it took down a garage and a few barns within a stone's throw from here! After the storm, we gathered all the branches and such and threw them into a pile. Where, for the most part, they still sit.
But more to the point of my little story here, I did make a couple of cute little sailboats out of a few of the limbs though.
And this is how I did it:

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Chalk Paint, Milk Paint And Other Distressing News

I finally had to see what all the hoopla was about with some of these different paints I've seen on other people's blogs. So I've done a non-scientific comparison of a chalk paint and a milk paint and found that I think I prefer to use a chalk paint. Mainly because I am a control freak and the randomness of how and where the milk paint distressed itself was distressing to me.
Seriously though, you can't go wrong with either paint. It all comes down to whether you need to control every aspect of your painting (and life) or not.

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Celebrating The Red, White And Blue In Style

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays, right behind Christmas and Halloween. Picnics . . . parades . . . fireworks . . . Uncle Sam. I just can't get enough of the red, white and blue! So it's no wonder that I have my porch all decked out for the 4th already.
Most of the items on my porch were found at thrift stores or yard sales. The black rockers were bought at Walmart on clearance a few years ago.
Do you decorate your home for the 4th?

making zinc letters numbers for the holidays, crafts, painting, seasonal holiday decor, My two numbers took about about ten minutes not counting the time it took to dry

Making Zinc Letters & Numbers For The Holidays

These zinc-like letters and numbers are a super quick and easy project for the holidays. And they have that industrial look that is so popular right now! I made the numbers 2 and 5 to represent December 25th, but you could also do a word - JOY, PEACE, NOEL, SNOW, etc.

Materials Needed:

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My Five Favorite Perennials

It's finally spring here in Ohio, so I put together a list of my five favorite perennials. I'm 6A here, so they may not work in tropical climates. I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt.
What perennials do you love?

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Circus Themed Fairy Garden

When I decided to do a fairy garden, I wanted to do something different. I didn't want to be cliche and actually put a fairy in it, so I went with a circus theme.
I planted it in a beat up, rusty enamelware basin that I bought at an estate sale which came with its own pre-rusted out holes for drainage.
(Yes, it is a little bit "just for show" with the paper flag bunting and all, but I am keeping it on my covered porch for right now and enjoying the festiveness of it.)

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Summer Container Gardening Ideas

I've been planting more and more container gardens over the last few years. They're colorful and easy to care for! TIPS FOR CHOOSING PLANTS FOR YOUR CONTAINER GARDEN: Depending on the size of my container, I like to use at least three different plants You should ideally have one plant that is taller (my coral bells), at least one plant to spill over the edges a bit (my lobelia) and one plant to fill in the empty space (my calibrachoa) I like to have at least one plant with interesting foliage Plants should have similar light and watering needs. You can search plants using (ad) Monrovia's Plant Catalog Search Feature based on lighting needs, water needs, growth habit, flower color, etc. You will be placing the plants much closer than if you were planting them in the ground, so buy enough plants to FILL the pot. And my biggest tip is to step out of your comfort zone and go a little wild! If you normally plant petunias, pick up a clematis! The worst that can happen is it dies, but at least you tried something new! More tips along with a video on how I created my container garden out of a galvanized washtub :) are on MY BLOG POST.

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Growing Lettuce In A Colander (Or How To Grow And Wash Your Veggies All In The Same Container)

When I first thought of planting my lettuce in a colander a few years ago, I thought I was being all creative and funky. A perfect mix of my love for thrift store finds with my love for gardening. It ends up that it's been done before. A lot. But even if everyone is doing it nowadays, it's still a cute way to grow a small amount of lettuce or herbs.

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Quick & Easy Valentine's Day Banner

Reminiscent of making paper hearts in elementary school for Valentine's Day, this banner is quick and easy!
Handmade pom poms, paper hearts, mini acrylic pom poms from the craft store and some felt cupids are strung on crochet thread. It's as simple as that!
And it's a plus if you have an arrow hanging in your entryway on which to hang it :) Although it wasn't until I was editing the photos that I realized the arrow sort of went with the Valentine's Day theme.

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