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Kitchen Update!

I finally got around to painting my kitchen this weekend and I love how it brightened things up! My husband likes the new color but was a bit partial to the previous brick-ish red. What are your thoughts - Team Kristen (me) or Team Tom (my husband)?

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Studio Ideas

I'm desperately in need of a studio shed and am looking for architectural plans and ideas. Advice, suggestions? I'd like to steer clear of the cookie cutter Home Depot / Lowes sheds (although they can be cute too!) and use as much salvaged material as possible.

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DIY THURSDAY: Antiqued Emerald Side Table

After my post on the 2013 color of the year, I felt inspired to add a little emerald to my own life and had the perfect piece to begin my experiment. Unfortunately, that piece took a bit more sanding, filling, and gluing than initially expected! I've spent the last day and a half refurbishing a piece that should have taken no more than a few hours. But it was fun, nevertheless, and kept me entertained far into the night last night!

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Brainstorming Kitchen Renovation...Ideas? Suggestions?

I've started a plan to renovate my kitchen but would love to hear ideas / suggestions!

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Thanksgiving Tablescape: Focusing on Family & Food

In preparation for the mad rush that will be Thanksgiving dinner, I threw together a trial tablescape to make sure everything & everyone would actually fit! I also wanted to put the focus on family and food, so I stuck to a clean, white pallet, and left most of the fru-fru stuff I originally had in mind off the table. Here's what I came up with: simple, elegant, and realistic - and I love how the white ironstone will really make the food pop! What do you think...presentable?

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Summertime Entertaining Made Easy

There’s nothing better than sitting outdoors, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the company of friends and family. But actually getting to this moment can often be stressful, particularly if it’s an impromptu gathering. What should I serve?! What do I cook? Do I have time to run to the grocery store? Will everyone get eaten alive by mosquitos?! Aaack! If you’re anything like me, this then leads to a mad dash into the kitchen to desperately scour through the pantry, hoping that supplies are on hand.
Well, fret not my friends! As an extreme worry-wart myself, I’m here to tell you that everything is going to be ok. Really! Just a few simple supplies can transform a humdrum gathering into that perfect summertime soiree.

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Entertainment Unit Redo: Before and After!

It's quite amazing how easily a quick paint job can change the dynamic of an entire room. Initially, the entertainment unit was the monstrosity in the room – The Big Black Box was the focal point indeed, and not in a good way! I've been wanting to paint this sucker the moment we brought it into this house, and after finally convincing the husband that it was a go, I also had to convince him to unplug all the cables and go without TV for a couple of days, and it just so happened that it was during the SEC and NFL games. Oops...

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My Home: Before and After

Who doesn't enjoy before and after photos? Transforming a house into a home - but always a work in progress!

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It's All About the Detail...

A few weeks ago, I purchased my very first quart of CC Caldwell's chalk/clay paint. I've been anxious to try it and compare it to Annie Sloan as I heard there were a few noticeable differences. So I picked up a beautiful shade of Green (Tundra Green) and waited for the perfect project to begin my experiment...

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Summertime DIY Gift Ideas (for the Hostess)

With summertime officially in full force, I have no doubt that many travels, soirees and barbeques will ensue (ehem, Independence Day anyone??). And as those invites pile up, so will your need to find the perfect host/hostess gift that really expresses your heartfelt thanks. Of course, oftentimes a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer will do the trick! But what to do when you want to give your thanks that little extra oomph…?
Fret not my friends! I have teamed up with Hometalk to curate a little DIY gift giving guide just for you...

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