pictures pictures and still more pictures

Pictures, Pictures and Still More Pictures!

Hi, y'all. Well, a BIG shout out to Ann, from Medford, OR. She posted this project sometime back and it was exactly the idea I needed that I didn't even know I was looking for! Does she rock, or what!?!?! Anywho.. with the help of my roommate, I finally got my living room completed. Well, okay, it's 99.6% completed. BUT, those out there in Computer Land who live with fibromyalgia can vouch for me and tell you that when you reach THAT's done. For now.The only differences that I did were...I didn't use the bullets to break up the boards. I just let the pictures do that.And...we put a 1x3 chair rail around the living room and kitchen to help tie it all in. We also used "WHAT! You're gonna throw that away? Naw, man, I can use it, if it's ok with you!" reclaimed old pine flooring as batten boards on the wall behind the piano.We painted the hallway and 2 remaining walls a light grey, using Wal-Mart's Color-Place Flat Interior. I "think" it was $14 a gal, but PLEASE don't quote me on that, cuz I have had at least 4 good night's of sleep in the last month so all bets are off now!! Pictures were taken with my trusty phone, so don't write to Kodac or somewhere like that to inquire about them. They would just answer you like my family does.. "Kathy WHO?"OK.... ready or not..... Ta Da

finally getting to the finish line

Finally Getting to the Finish Line!!

Hi! I am a Marine Mom, and I'll stop right there cuz I could talk for hours about my boy! Anywho, I was in the cold state of NC when I became disabled. I try not to let it stop me, but the cold weather is a killer., dot, dot, I told my son that I had to get out of the cold. I was heading south to Florida. His words to me were "Mom. You've already done your job. You've raised me, and I'm doing great. Now it's time for you to live for you for a change. Go, have fun. I love you.". Okay, yeah, after I hung up I cried for hours. Not because I was sad, mind you, but because he had just made me prouder than I ever thought I could be.Well, got to Florida. Decided I was gonna live exactly in the middle of the state. Safe from hurricanes, right?!?! HA! And God said "I'll show you young lady. Meet Ms. Irma.". Well, so much for THAT theroy. But He did give me a break and my home was not damaged. You can bet your Aunt Fanny's I thanked Him profusely!So, I didn't like my kitchen. Yeah, couldn't figure out a way to gracefully go into that. So, myself and my roommate got to work. Here's a picture or two of what it looked like before. And YES I KNOW it's a mess. Please don't feel like you have to point that out. Thank you.