christmas burlap wreath needed

Christmas Burlap Wreath Needed

Christmas and decorations are a big deal at our house even though our space is limited from when we downsized and sold our huge house on an acre of land. Still, decorations can compliment the holidays with a little imagination. After decorating my built in hutch and my Mom's old hutch, I decided our kitchen inside door needed a burlap wreath.

where to keep the toilet paper

Where to Keep the Toilet Paper

If you do not want to put a dispenser on the wall, or you rent and cannot drill holes, here are three solutions to keep your toilet paper accessible. These holders keep the rolls in easy reach and easy storage and require no tools or holes to drill. The portable storage holders are especially handy for those who have limited storage space. You can take them to the cabin, use in a camper, in a small home or anywhere you do not want to put a dispenser on a wall.

barbed wire wreath

Barbed Wire Wreath

Except in the West, you probably would not think of using barbed wire for a wreath, but what a unique and western idea! When a few greens and pine cones are added to a few loops of barbed wire, you might not think of a wreath, but here it is; however, it is unfinished. The barbs scratch the door or wall surface.

ez to keep yard decor looking new

EZ to Keep Yard Decor Looking New

When this small house was purchased, the yard was overgrown and full of old yard decorations in dire need of repair and paint. The before and after photos are shown. The process was easy: apply inexpensive acrylic paint and then coat with a spray shellac. It really was that easy.

fall flare in a planter

Fall Flare in a Planter

Turn an old ugly brown gourd into a thing of beauty with a fall planter. I purchased an old gourd years ago from a farmer that called it an apple gourd. He told me he grows special gourds and paints them to sell. When I bought it, it was brown and even a little moldy on the outside, but the paint has remained as shiny and beautiful as when it was new. It looks like a giant apple.

ez stain glass windows

EZ Stain Glass Windows

My husband purchased a beautiful stained glass bison for me in the spring. I have it hanging in a window in our sitting room. Across the room is an outside door with glass in the top I wanted to stain.

beautiful yard even in harsh dry deserts

Beautiful Yard Even in Harsh Dry Deserts!

If you live in a semi-arrid or desert region perhaps you have dreamed of a sharp looking yard with some succulent plants. This yard should inspire you with some ideas of your own! For around $100 you too can have a lovely yard, though it be small and located in a desert! The cost will depend on the cost of the retaining wall stones combined with your own tools and labor. In our area the wall stones can be bought at home improvement stores for about $1 each.

great update with paint for fall decor

Fall Decor With Beige and White

We painted two candle holders black a few years ago to match our decoration on our hutch. With a little paint, I found an update for fall decorations a fun task, and I love the new look on our built in hutch.

how to save dehydrate

How to Save & Dehydrate

Summer comes to a quick close in September. Here are some helpful tips I learned from dear farmer friends and personal experience to preserve or dehydrate herbs, onions, peppers, and tomatoes. Most dehydrators come with a manual or you can find their manual online.

bear and basket for house

Bear and Basket for House #

We had a wooden bear gifted to us years ago by my dearest friend. If you knew her, you would love her too. Each year I lovingly clean off the bear and paint it. Since this is Labor Day weekend (the last hooray for picnics), I decided to add seasons to our lovable bear and put our house number on it. The best part will be to change out the basket contents and ribbon for the changing seasons. Right now it is harvest time, especially apple harvest.

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