how to stencil a mermaid fish scales wall

How to Stencil a Mermaid Fish Scales Wall

Make a splash and dive head first into the decorating trend we can’t get enough of: mermaids! Scales, iridescent colors, and a touch of sparkle transform a room from underwhelming to underwater! However, you don’t need to shell out a lot of cash to get the room makeover you’ve always dreamed of. You can easily create your own custom mermaid paradise by painting a feature wall with a fish scale stencil design and enchanting metallic colors. Stenciling a wall is more affordable than wallpaper, plus you get to choose how glam or subtle you want by using different paint colors! Watch the video tutorial below to see how you can stencil your own mermaid fish scales wall…

chalk paint stenciled floor cloth, flooring, painting, Classical Border Corner Stencil Florentine Damask Stencil and our Eastern Lattice Moroccan Stencil were used on this beautiful carpet

Chalk Paint® Stenciled Floor Cloth

Painted and stenciled floorcloths have a rich history - used in homes throughout England and the United States prior to the invention of linoleum, they were often made from recycled canvas ship sails. For a quick and easy alternative floor covering we created this amazing stenciled vinyl floorcloth using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on the BACK side of some pre-cut vinyl. Check out the full blog post for complete instructions and tips!

how to stamp a painted stencil pattern, painting, Putting your own stamp on it add a personal stamp to your next stencil project

How to Stamp a Painted Stencil Pattern

Stenciling a feature wall or whole room is a GREAT way to add pattern and personality to any space. Here's an easy idea to put an even MORE personal stamp on your next stencil project: create a fun and unique pattern-in-pattern look with the addition of an allover craft stamp. Learn How-to on our blog:

how to stencil a wallpaper look for less

How to Stencil a Wallpaper Look FOR LESS!

Are you still looking for wallpaper to decorate a favorite accent wall but can’t seem to find the PERFECT one? Forget the hassle of finding the wallpaper that perfectly fits your style! Get creative in your decorating by creating your own custom wallpaper look with Wall Stencils. Unlike traditional wallpaper with set designs and set colorways, Wall Stencils allow you to use any color scheme you would like and even add personal finishing touches. We want to show you how we painted a wallpaper look using our Palace Trellis Moroccan Wall Stencil. Of course you can change up the colors and design for your own unique spin! Click play to watch this DIY stencil tutorial to see how to stencil a custom wallpaper look of your own.

how to stencil moroccan stencils in metallics for amazing wall art, painting, How to Stencil Moroccan Metallics with Royal Design Studio Stencils

How to Stencil Moroccan Stencils in Metallics for Amazing Wall Art

For this stencil how-to we show you how to use stencils from our Moroccan Stencil Collection with shimmering metallic Stencil Creme paints for a fabulous DIY wall art project on watercolor paper. It's easy and elegant to incorporate many different allover stencil patterns and you can then create a unique and moveable collage-style installation on your walls that is easy to rearrange as you wish!
Visit our blog for a complete list of stencils used and full instructions:

how to stencil a diy shower curtain that anyone can make

How to Stencil a DIY Shower Curtain That Anyone Can Make!

Changing your shower curtain just might be one of the fastest ways to spruce up your bathroom. But finding one in a fabric design and color to match your decor can be tough which is you should make your own DIY shower curtain! And believe it or not, it's a relatively simple process when you use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Amsterdam Green and Lem LemThree 1” Royal Stencil BrushesWhite shower curtainPainter’s tape

lace stencil floor transformation, bedroom ideas, flooring, home decor, painting, Brook of Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes in process on his stenciled floor transformation

Lace Stencil Floor Transformation

Concrete and cement floors can be SO drab and these plain, bare floors can be greatly enhanced by spicing them up with color and stencil patterns! The variations in color options and stencil designs from Royal Design Studio makes it easy to see how stenciling techniques can be applied to your own space. In fact, that's how our friends Dana and Brooks Tucker of Bella Tucker felt when faced with their underwhelming carpeted guest room. They decided to tackle the painting and stenciling of one of their own floors as a renovation project and we've got all the stencilicious details for you! Visit our blog for more before and after photos!

how to stencil a carved wood look on cabinets with wood icing

How to Stencil a Carved Wood Look on Cabinets With Wood Icing

ou can transform a boring flat door panel with the look of intricately carved wood with a few simple steps. All you need is a great , Chalk Paint®, stain and some sandpaper.Wood Icing Textura Paste™ is a heavy-bodied, water-based acrylic product that allows you to build up a high relief when troweling a raised pattern through a stencil. It dries and cures to an extremely hard surface, and it takes additional coloring with both paint and stain very well. These qualities make it ideal for creating a durable raised stencil design on furniture, with unlimited decorating options. It can be stenciled directly onto already painted surfaces, and also bare or unfinished wood. Once it has been stained it is hard to tell the difference between real carved wood and a Wood Icing™ stencil design.

roll it out how to stencil a custom diy area rug

Roll It Out! How to Stencil a Custom DIY Area Rug

Rugs have a profound impact in a home: they can tie a whole room together, serve as a designated play or reading area, introduce some color or texture to a dullish area or act a focal decor piece. Whatever the reason, everyone needs a good rug, but like most beautiful things in this world, buying them from stores can get pretty expensive. So instead of having to settle for a design that you’re not totally in love with, or having to spend way too much for the “perfect” design, do the (not so) unthinkable and make your own with stencils. Why buy when you can DIY? Roll up your sleeves and roll out your plain rug… Watch the video tutorial and read the instructions below to learn how to paint a DIY rug with …

how to stencil a beautifully embossed wall with joint compound

How to Stencil a Beautifully Embossed Wall With Joint Compound

This DIY decorating tutorial is easy as cake… or frosting a cake that is! If you can smear frosting on the top of a cake, you can trowel plaster onto a wall to create a raised design. The easiest way to do this technique for both beginners and professions is to use premixed joint compound plaster and Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils. Click play and watch this video tutorial to see how to emboss wall designs from our Global Gypsy Stencil Collection, and raise your home decorating to the next level…

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