yes there are flowering shrubs that bloom in summer, flowers, gardening, landscape, outdoor living

Yes! There Are Flowering Shrubs That Bloom in Summer

Looking for a wonderful shrub that will give your home's landscape a ton of flowers throughout the entire growing season, not just spring. So what's available for a flowering shrub for the summer months? About mid May, I noticed ...

how to cut a hanging basket liner and get a perfect fit, flowers, gardening

How to Cut a Hanging Basket Liner and Get a Perfect Fit

Pretty soon it will be time to fill planters and hanging baskets with summer flowers.If you have trouble finding a basket liner to fit your hanging basket, here's a way to get a perfect fit.

how to make a planter box cap cod style, gardening, patio, woodworking projects

How to Make a Planter Box – Cape Cod Style Planter Box

We call this planter box the “Cape Cod” because it reflects the architectural style of the north east sea coast. Our aim was to give it classic styling, but with a casual appeal. The traditional features will work well with many traditional house styles and can create a finishing touch to a special place in the yard or in an area that you would like to highlight, such as using it as an entry feature at your front door.
The DIY plans for you to make one are on our blog, just click the link. We think that this planter box would be a great addition to a porch, deck, or patio.

replacing old steps with a new porch stoop before amp after, curb appeal, home decor

Replacing Old Steps with a New Porch Stoop: Before & After

A before and after: an older home's back entry steps were removed, and replaced with a new porch that was functionally better and provided some much needed architectural styling.

how to keep cats out of the plant beds, gardening, pest control

How to Keep Cats Out of the Plant Beds

Trying to find a successful way to keep cats from using your plant beds and gardens as a litter box can be quite frustrating. I've been in the same boat, but I didn't want to use anything that would harm the cats. I found a solution that has been successful!

how to park your car in the garage and hit the mark every time, garages

How to Park Your Car in the Garage and Hit the Mark Every Time

Is the space for the car a tight fit in your garage where every inch counts? Here's an easy way to get the car in the right spot every time ...

exterior shutters for your windows amp a timeless look for your house, curb appeal, home improvement, windows

Exterior Shutters for Your Windows & a Timeless Look for Your House

Do you feel your house could use some sort of architectural detail to give it an eye-catching 'pop', but you don't know what it is? Exterior window shutters could be the feature you are looking for. We realize that shutters are not the answer for every house style or house design, but matching the right style of shutter with the right house style can...

repairing woodpecker damage to a porch s cedar clad beams amp posts, home maintenance repairs, how to, porches, It looks so beautiful after the repairs were made

Repairing Woodpecker Damage to a Porch's Cedar Clad Beams & Posts

The woodpeckers were having a field day drilling into the wood of this back porch. The new repairs have made the porch beautiful again and will hopefully deter the woodpeckers. Click on the link to see more photos, and how the repairs were made.

diy outdoor bench, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture

DIY Outdoor Bench

This bench can add a lot of visual appear to your outdoor spaces. It was finished in classic white, and it looks like a bench that would have been in the yard of a home long ago.

english ivy is it a good idea to let it grow on trees, gardening

English Ivy – Is It a Good Idea to Let It Grow on Trees?

Many homeowners love seeing English ivy (Hedera helix) growing on structures, such as over the arched entryway of a house or on a wall in the landscape. It really can create a classic look, but there is one 'structure' in your yard that you may not want ivy to grow on...

Better Outdoor Living at Home
Better Outdoor Living at Home
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