quick and easy rustic holiday sign

Quick and Easy Rustic Holiday Sign

Make a rustic look holiday sign.Not only is it quick and easy , but also very inexpensive ! You probably have most of the items already in with your craft supplies .

bathroom primp challenge, New look for our bathroom

Bathroom Primp Challenge

We had to update our 1970's half bath !!!

brighten your kitchen sink area with mirrors

Brighten Your Kitchen Sink Area With Mirrors

If you have upper cabinets on either of your kitchen, that don't have shelves on the side, this is a great way to "open" up the area !

halloween wreaths using dollar store items

Halloween Wreaths Using Dollar Store Items

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and I've always decorated my house , but I like traditional spooky Halloween, not the cute stuff...

mason jar storage solution

Mason Jar Storage Solution

I have a smaller sized kitchen, and don't have much cabinet space. On top of not having much space, I am short and can only reach the bottom shelf !I used mason jars, to make more room in cabinets and make my more frequently used items easy to reach.

mercury glass style mirror

Mercury Glass Style Mirror

I always liked the look of old distressed glass. This is how I turned an old window into a mercury glass styled mirror.

kitchen re do from ugly 1970 s to vintage cottage, Too bad the shades weren t open

Kitchen Re - Do From Ugly 1970's to Vintage Cottage

After buying our first home we had tons of projects planned , every room needed work to be brought out of the 1970's ! The kitchen got pushed to the back of the list , New cabinets and countertops would have to wait. I thought that I could do some quick , inexpensive update to hold me over.

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