inexpensive candy garland

Inexpensive Candy Garland

Last year I shared how to make lollipops from pool noodles for my Christmas Decor. This year I decided to use more pool noodles to add to a candy garland for above my garage. Below is last years large lollipops.

inexpensive witch s books

Inexpensive Witch's Books

I love to decorate for Halloween but hate the high costs of many of the cute items, so I look for things to make cheaply. Today I want to share my Witch's Books. Of course a witch needs to have a book full of her spells, right? Not only is this an easy project, but it was free for me to make since I had all of the items on hand. The project goes quickly but you do have to wait for the paint to dry.

decorative stacked pumpkins

Decorative Stacked Pumpkins

I love those fall and Halloween stacked pumpkins but they are expensive. I was looking through several magazines and they can be as high as $200+. Yikes! No way I am paying that so I thought of a way to make one for myself. This cost me less than $2. Want to make one for yourself? I will show you how to do it.

can plastic easter eggs become fall decor see what i did

Can Plastic Easter Eggs Become Fall Decor? See What I Did!

Sometimes the strangest items can be transformed into something special for little or no money. That was the case with these plastic eggs I found in my garage as I was cleaning up. I decided to turn them into something I could use for a fall centerpiece. See what I did.

inexpensive fall garland

Inexpensive Fall Garland

A great way to celebrate fall is with an inexpensive Fall Garland. Why not use items you already have around the house. Check your craft supplies, fabric bin, kitchen and don't forget the outdoors.

trash to treasure transformation

Trash to Treasure Transformation

Do you see junk and the potential in it? Do you hate to see items being thrown out and feel a need to rescue them? Well, I do and that is the story behind this cabinet that I had to save. Sometimes you have to look beyond that dirt, color and design to see a gem inside.

inexpensive shovel for mom s garden

Inexpensive Shovel for Mom's Garden

If your mom loves gardening and plants, make her a Mother’s Day garden decoration perfect for displaying in her yard! Get the kids involved with this and Mom will love it.

mother s day woven basket

Mother's Day Woven Basket

Spring is an exuberant season, as flowers and grasses pop up in all their colorful glory. You can purchase Mother’s Day baskets, of course…but there’s nothing like a homemade paper basket that your child can make.

adding farmhouse decor to your home

Adding Farmhouse Decor to Your Home

I do not live in a farmhouse. However, I love elements that make a farmhouse home. Farmhouse style is so popular and you don't need a farmhouse to enjoy some farmhouse decor. You can create a Farmhouse vignette with items that I consider farmhouse style that you might already have in your home.

free wooden easter letters

Free Wooden Easter Letters

What do you do when the wind is blowing hard and branches and twigs are everywhere? You can throw them in the garbage or you can make something out of them. Wooden letters!

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