fall front door

FALL- Front Door

This project literally cost me $1, I wanted something for the front door. I understand this...

deck to desert delight

Deck to Desert Delight

My husband and I recently wanted to redo the back deck because the wood was starting to look old...

porcelain sink like new

Porcelain Sink Like New

My kitchen sink is white and became old and rusted with stains, no matter how much I scrubbed and...

planter pots make over for spring

Planter Pots Make Over for Spring!

My two planter that sit by the pool ,were long due for a make over. These two concrete pots began to...

it was a sweet masquerade ball or bust

It Was a Sweet Masquerade Ball or Bust!

I was given the opportunity to put together the candy table at a masquerade birthday party. What...

hersheys fun balls

Hersheys Fun Balls

As Easter comes closer I'm always thinking of ways use the candy beside just eating it .

sweet glory doll women sweetly rock


Good day team! Because women have been in the news with both positive ,and negative views we know...

the new years eve ball drop

The New Years Eve Ball Drop

I have seen this idea on several occasions, and I always wanted to try it. so this year I did , and...

new years resolution reef

New Years Resolution Wreath

When asked what is my New Year’s resolution I always cringe because I actually dislike the whole...

my new year resolution

My New Year Resolution

When asked what is my New Year’s resolution I always (cringe) because I actually dislike the whole...