paint makeovers for thrift finds

Chalk Paint Makeovers for Thrift Finds

I love thrift store finds for a few reasons, not only do you get an item at a reduced cost from the original purchase price but you get the opportunity to be creative. You'll often find items that appeal to you in shape and size for your home yet the item might not match your decor. Such as was the case with these two odd finds, a blue tray and a pottery jug.

barn style wall made with scraps

Barn Style Wall Made With Scraps

New construction builds often entail changes that are made to the plans as the project progresses. With this cottage the original plan was to have an open loft bedroom but the owner later proposed to frame a new wall and enclose it.

green cleaning kitchen sink, Before Cleaning

Green Cleaning- Kitchen Sink

It's a sad but true reality that many of the cleaning products we bring into our homes are heavily scented and may even be harmful to our health. I loved and used them faithfully until developed sensitivities. I use alternative products now for cleaning and light dusting but I needed a suitable replacement for an abrasive cleaner and a disinfectant. The solution was in my pantry all along....baking soda and vinegar!

recycling flower arrangements

Recycling Flower Arrangements

A friend of mine needed a new flower arrangement for her bathroom and she offered me the old arrangements she had to recycle the baskets maybe. When I saw what she had they without a doubt looked pitiful, but I was hopeful there were many items that I could recycle !

sea my inspiration, New Addition to the Family

Sea.... My Inspiration!

I'm so fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful ocean views and I often photograph them but I also beach comb while I'm there.

terrarium for a teenager

Terrarium for a Teenager

My niece loves houseplants and I wanted to make her something cute and quirky for her bedroom. I set out by purchasing cactus blend soil {since those are the plants I'd be choosing}, decorative pea rocks, clear glass bowl, small driftwood shapes and some larger polished stones.

easy and mild deep cleaning for vinyl floors

Easy and Mild Deep Cleaning for Vinyl Floors

I love cleaning and I've used almost every product and solution you can name, even industrial ones. I cannot any longer though due to severe allergies, therefore I had to devise a way to deep clean my floors but with mild cleaners. Those of us that have four legged family members realize floors can get dirt grinded in them if they are rough surface or have a lot of texture.

antique bronze vase makeover

Oil Rubbed Bronze Makeover

If you saw this at a flea market or yard sale would you pass on by it because it looks so dated? It didnt have any chips or cracks but yet it wouldn't steal your attention enough to give it a second thought? Well you should have bought it!!

simple barn door build

Simple Barn Door Build

My husband is building a cottage for our son with an open concept loft but my husband and suggested a wall was needed to offer privacy and our son agreed. Our inspiration came from this picture I found online here below from America's Best House Plans.

spring door decor mellow yellow

Spring Door Decor- Mellow Yellow

Who changes their door decor with the seasons? Who gets bored creating the same old, same way, same thing as last year? Me too! This time I used a straw hat instead of a wreath I purchased for just $3, you can't beat that! A hat screaming Spring but a little too busy of a Spring for me so I painted out the blue. I had to custom match the craft paints I had to match the yellow through trial and error.

Sea Trace Creations
Sea Trace Creations
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