Is there a perennial I could plant that would choke out weeds?

I have a piece of property that I would like to see the weeds cooked out of. It is close to a drainage waterway so I cannot use chemicals. There is crab grass,... See more
q is there a perennial i could plant that would choke out weeds

How to remove gum from fabric?

How would I remove gum from fabric ( upholstery?)
q how to remove gum from fabric

How do I get rid of this plant and roots?

Does anyone know how to get rid of these roots for this plant? Our neighbor has them on her side of the fence and have spread to our side. I tried to dig out the... See more
q how do i get rid of this plant and roots

How to get rubber cement out of pot?

i have a glass pot, that I bought it had a artificial plant in it. I want to remove the old one, it looks like it was glued in with something like rubber cement. ... See more

How do I care for a calla lily that is in a pot in winter

Bought this lily as one plant and somehow the second season it seems to have produced many plants, none of which have done well. Should I stop watering and in the... See more

How to grow calla lilies in pots

From one purchased calla lilly in one season we seem to have produced dozens in one pot. But none of the plants have produced lillies. Should I let the plant go dry... See more

Can anyone identify this plant?

Asking for a friend, we can't tell what this is, can you? Thanks!
q can anyone identify this plant

Dixie Lee
Dixie Lee