my pumpkin challenge

My Pumpkin Challenge

Ok so, I thought and thought about what I was going to do for this challenge, I looked at all kinds of ideas, so I started to look at all the supplies I had, and I picked what I would use!

halloween challenge

Halloween Challenge

So Fall &Winter are my favorite time of year, so I’m going to enjoy these challenge, I’ve started several for week 1 but here is one I just finished!

fall picnic decor challenge

Fall Picnic Decor Challenge

So Fall/Autumn and Winter are my favorite time of year, and so I love to decorate for these 2 seasons, all though I never seem to have enough to decorate with! A few years ago we move out of one house into another, and I didn’t realize until months later that I left my Tun with ALL my Fall decor, so I’m starting from scratc.

my window challenge

My Window Challenge

So in looking at my windows, the looked pretty boring, and since I love the Rustic look! I thought, Burlap!!!

my anthropology challenge

My Anthropologie Challenge

So I’ve never heard of Anthropologie products before, but I was challenged to create my own knock off. And after looking through their site, I picked this one which I loved!! And I’ll be out of town for a bit so I’m doing it early!!

from brokennto beauty

From Broken to Beauty

We were given a few things that were project stuff, and we got excited! We love broken things, because we love the challenge!

my rustic star

My Rustic Star

I was given these wine barrel staves, so I’ve been able to create a few things with them, but when saw this, I had to make one, only I added rustic colo to make mone

my lighting challenge

My Lighting Challenge

Grab a few things I already had to make this!!

my version of farmhouse signs

My Version of Farmhouse Signs

Decided to start my wood signs again, so started gathering more repurposed wood!!

hodge podge of supplies

Hodge Podge of Supplies

We took a door, along with several different pieces of furnittionings and wood to make my Rustic Hall tree, but adding shelving at the top for this challenging!

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About meI love love love working on crafts, I have since I was about 9 (very long time ago) but as the years have gone by, my style has changed dramatically! I now do a lot of rustic projects, my husband and I do a lot of furniture repair. We see something on the side walks, look at it then say yup! We can fix it!!