tis the season

‘‘Tis the Season

So I had a 32” x 9 2/2” piece of fence board!, that I just kept staring at for a couple of weeks!...

scrabble anyone

Scrabble Anyone

Wanted to make a gift for both our daughters family! So I decided on these!

my pumpkin challenge

My Pumpkin Challenge

Ok so, I thought and thought about what I was going to do for this challenge, I looked at all kinds...

halloween challenge

Halloween Challenge

So Fall &Winter are my favorite time of year, so I’m going to enjoy these challenge, I’ve started...

fall picnic decor challenge

Fall Picnic Decor Challenge

So Fall/Autumn and Winter are my favorite time of year, and so I love to decorate for these 2...

my window challenge

My Window Challenge

So in looking at my windows, the looked pretty boring, and since I love the Rustic look! I thought,...

my anthropology challenge

My Anthropologie Challenge

So I’ve never heard of Anthropologie products before, but I was challenged to create my own knock...

from brokennto beauty

From Broken to Beauty

We were given a few things that were project stuff, and we got excited! We love broken things,...

my rustic star

My Rustic Star

I was given these wine barrel staves, so I’ve been able to create a few things with them, but when...

my lighting challenge

My Lighting Challenge

Grab a few things I already had to make this!!

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