How can I decorate my kitchen windows?

I want something over my white kitchen windows that is not the typical window topper. I am very farm house and yes, I do live on a farm,

I miss you !!!

I looked forward to getting HomeTalk email every morning and now I don't get my daily dose of ideas. Please put me back on the daily info email. You were the one bright spot in my day in this crazy world we live in,

Hard/Too High couch cushions

I am thinking of using a 2 inch whole saw to cut out plugs of foam to ease the firmness and thickness of sofa bed love seat, so it will have more squishy or give. Cutting off legs to lower the seating height is not an option. Cost to buy new softer foam is not in my budget. Any thoughts???

Couch cushions

My cushions are too high , can't reach the floor with my feet. How can I "soften" the foam without replacement?