storage box for my seashells

Storage Box for My Seashells

Last week, I pulled down a box from my closet, not even sure what was inside. It ended up being fabric. I wondered where those fabric pieces had gone to! For some reason, this time when I looked at the box, I came up with the perfect use for it! My seashells!

green and white striped bench

Green and White Striped Bench

Our area has quite a few estate sales. A company comes into a house, pulls everything out of cupboards and closets, prices it and then runs the sale for 2 days. The items are usually higher priced than a normal sale, but if you go on the second day, everything is half off. That’s how I found this bench. There were actually three of them. I’m not sure what the owners did with three of them, but I only came home with one!

decoupage gold and white flatware box

Decoupage Gold and White Flatware Box

I received gold flatware for Christmas, so I needed place to store it. I had picked up the box at yard sale awhile back and knew it could be perfect. I had some gold polka-dot napkins I had picked up at the .99 Cent Store, some white paint, pretty fabric and some dowels I already had.

diy backyard gazebo

DIY Backyard Gazebo

I have this area in my yard that isn’t really usable for entertaining. It’s around the corner from the patio and is pretty narrow. So this is the perfect fit! First of all I had my husband build (DIY) me this small structure out of 1 x 2’s. Funny thing- we used the basic idea from the cat hutches he built for the animal shelter! Hey, if it works! We did add a pitched roof on this one though.

boogie board makeover

Boogie Board Makeover

I love the beach and coastal look and my husband picked up this boogie board at a yard sale and sanded it completely down. It took me awhile to come up with my idea, but I knew I wanted to leave the edges the natural wood.

diy farmhouse beaded chandelier

DIY Farmhouse Beaded Chandelier

I have been seeing many beaded lamps on the internet, so I thought I would give it a try for myself. I have had this hanging lamp on my patio for many years. I bought it at a yard sale and removed the wiring so it is lit with candles. Several of the glass globes were broken during the move to our ‘new’ house, so I had to figure out something else to dress it up. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but then the wooden beads came to mind.

upcycle an old door into a drink station

Upcycle an Old Door Into a Drink Station

Almost 2 years ago, one of the houses in my neighborhood had a fire. Nobody was in it at the time and it had a lot of damage. Later, it was gutted. I found this door in the alley after the fire. It had some slight burn marks, lots of soot, and some cracks in it from being broken down, but I took it anyways. One mans trash…right?!

simple spring flower box

Simple Spring Flower Box

Today I have a simple flower box idea for spring. I found this box in my stash when I was unpacking. I believe I bought it at a thrift store, but I know they have similar ones at the craft stores. I also bought some styrofoam and flowers at the Dollar Tree. I bought the rope awhile back for another project that never got done, so now I could use it for this!

diy driftwood sailboat with vintage hankies

DIY Driftwood Sailboat With Vintage Hankies

I have seen these driftwood sailboats around Pinterest and decided to try and make my own. I have quite a supply of driftwood and I have some vintage hankies that have just been sitting in a box, so I decided to use them too.

minnie mouse ornament

Minnie Mouse Ornament

I had a bunch of these wooden balls in my craft stash, so I tried to come up with a way to use them. I decided to start with Minnie Mouse.

Pam Smith
Pam Smith
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