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Magnetic Makeup Board

Having a teenage daughter means that you have messes everywhere. Clothes on the floor, towels on the bathroom floor and makeup all over the vanity. I was tired of knocking eyeshadows into the sink every time I washed my hands. I decided to find a way to organize her makeup but still keep my decor looking the way I wanted it to.

easy burlap topiary, crafts, home decor, Burlap Topiary

Easy Burlap Topiary

Are you looking for a quick and easy gift for someone? Or just a new project to spruce up your decor? Burlap is stylish and inexpensive and this turned out super cute!

vintage red chalkpainted dresser, painted furniture

Vintage Red Chalkpainted Dresser

I bought this scratched up, dirty dresser off of craiglist. Once I got home and started cleaning it up I found a letter in it from 1917. It was a woman that was sending in a letter to apply for a teaching position. After finding that gem, I painted it with 3 coats of red chalkpaint, but in the can the paint was bright red but on the piece it looked maroon. I then coated it with two coats of another red to brighten it up. I then distressed it, repainted the original hardware and coated it in a clear wax.

easy button christmas ornament, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, Easy Button Ornament

Easy Button Christmas Ornament

Growing up Christmas was always spent at my grandmother's house. She passed away several years ago, but Christmas always reminds me of her. When she passed, I got her sewing basket. I was looking through it the other day and found a bag full of vintage buttons. I decided to make a Christmas ornament out of them.
Here is what I used: a Styrofoam ball, some buttons, a glue gun, a small piece of twine or ribbon and enough material to cover the ball.
First off, I cut out a piece of fabric that would cover my entire ball and hot glued it on. I had an old lace table cloth that had been ruined and used that.

pottery barn advent calendar knock off, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

Pottery Barn Advent Calendar Knock Off

A few weeks ago, I received the Pottery Barn catalog in the mail, and like normal I was drooling over just about everything. One thing that really caught my eye was the Gilt Galvanized Advent Calendar. I loved the way it looked, but the price tag of $159 was not in my budget.

lamps made from wallpaper rollers, repurposing upcycling

Lamps Made From Wallpaper Rollers

At a yard sale last summer, I got these rollers that were used in a Sweden to roll the print onto wallpaper. I spray painted them Tropical Oasis from Valspar. Once they were dry I used a grinder on all of the raised pieces to let the gold show through. I spray painted some lamp bases gold, did a little wiring and I had myself some lamps . I got some plain lamp shades, taped out a chevron pattern and spray painted them the same gold as the bases. It took some time but I loved how they turned out, and that they had a story behind them!

vintage turquoise sidetable, painted furniture

Vintage Turquoise Sidetable

I got this table for free from a friend. It was filthy and scratched up. I painted it with two coats of DIY turquoise chalkpaint, distressed it and coated it in AS clear wax.

diy ornament wreath, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, wreaths, DIY Ornament Wreath

DIY Ornament Wreath

I want to start off by saying you need a lot of ornaments. Dollar tree is your friend; otherwise, you will be spending a fortune on ornaments.
Here is what you need:15 tubes of ornaments, I got two different sizesOne tube of tiny ornamentsA wreath formA roll of ribbonOne pipe cleaner the same color as your ribbon, andA hot glue gun with a lot of glue sticks
First start out by laying your first row of ornaments. I staggered them having one on each side.

vintage turquoise carved sidetable, home decor, painted furniture

Vintage Turquoise Carved Sidetable

I got this table at a yard sale. I found it like I find most of my pieces, scratched and needing some love. I cleaned it up, painted it with turquoise DIY chalkpaint, distressed it, glazed it with a stain glaze, and coated it in AS clear wax.

child s chalkpainted dresser and bookshelf, painted furniture, storage ideas

Child's Chalkpainted Dresser and Bookshelf

I got this dresser and bookshelf at a yardsale. They were dark and dirty and the dresser had water damage. I sanded down the top and got to work. I painted them with DIY chalkpaint in pink, blue and yellow. I then distressed them, shined up the hardware and coated them in AS clear wax. They were a Christmas gift for a clients children. To see more of my furniture and craft projects head on over to!

Shanna Gilbert
Shanna Gilbert