technique raised texture using saltwash

Technique- Raised Texture Using Saltwash

This is a FUN project. I mean super fun, because I got to play with a product I have wanted to try for ages! And play I did. In fact I even got my friends involved! But you don't need me to wax lyrical about can simply watch the other 2 videos I made during the 'Saltwash Week' over on How to Paint Like a Pro!But first up...raised texture.

turn dollar store table ware into designer china for the new year

Turn Dollar Store Table Ware Into Designer China For The New Year!

I LOVE the plain white china you can buy from the Dollar Store - it is pretty, and better than that, if I break it, it isn't the end of the world. I have also noticed the trend with designers to add gold and silver and copper to dinner wear recently - and I do like a little bling on my table from time to time.So I was do I turn this...

super simple snowman tree decor make this with friends

Super Simple Snowman Tree Decor - Make This With Friends!

I am always looking for cute hand finished Holiday Decor that is easy to create, but looks like it cost a lot of money. I also love to do DIY with my kids and friends and this one is perfect for a 'Get Together & Create' party!

beautiful tree decorations you will want to keep forever

Beautiful Tree Decorations You Will Want to Keep Forever!

Sometimes it is really lovely to sit back and enjoy simplicity. When simple also equals beautiful then it is even more fun! These Holiday Tree Decorations are both beautiful and something you will want to get out year after year!This Super simple DIY will show you 3 different looks that are so each to achieve you can even do them with the kids!

hand made coasters what a fantastic hostess gift idea

Hand Made Coasters? What a Fantastic Hostess Gift Idea!

This is the 3rd in my series of Cute Homemade Holiday Gifts.Finding thoughtful and useful gifts to bring along to a party can be tricky. With Thanksgiving just around the corner and the Holiday Season almost fully upon us I got thinking what would I like to receive?These HAND FINISHED COASTERS are both pretty and practical - plus they are SUPER simple to make.I have shown you two options here. Use glitter and glue for a fun sparkle or go a little more seasonal with some decoupage. Either way your host will be delighted!

the prettiest tissue box holders you have ever seen

The Prettiest Tissue Box Holders You Have Ever Seen

This is such a simple project - but perfect for anyone looking to make a handmade gift or on a budget during the holiday season!

spectacular wall art you won t want to give away

Spectacular Wall Art You Won't Want to Give Away!

We all need a little sparkle in our lives! This SUPER EASY DIY will have you feeling like a real artist as well as give you the perfect excuse to raid your craft box!The Perfect Hand Crafted Holiday Gift!

turn your soft furnishings into art with this super simple diy, LOVE Art on furniture why not

Turn Your Soft Furnishings Into Art With This Super Simple DIY!

I literally turned a chair into a piece of art! Just look!A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to find not 1, but 3, of these fabric chairs on the sidewalk - big garbage day in the 'hood!

designer pillows for under 10 oh yes i did

Designer Pillows For Under $10? Oh Yes I Did!

The change in the seasons always makes me want to up the stakes on my decor.One of the most simple and effective ways to inject a pop of colour is by adding some throw pillows. I really love them, but if I want 6 or 8 cushions at around $40+ each, that is quite a chunk of change!So follow my quick, clean and simple DIY to get yourself some designer pillows you will want to keep out all year!

this thrift store hack will have you reaching for the paint

This Thrift Store Hack Will Have You Reaching for the Paint!

I love a hack as much as the next person. And this one is a real winner. But don't be fooled - I did NOT paint these amazing Birch Trees.Though all my guests and visitors assume I did!

Fiona Debell
Fiona Debell
About meA DIY Obsessive. I teach workshops and train retailers how to run their own workshops. I try to keep my Hometalk 'Makes' simple so you can do them too!