washi update your hair clips

Washi Update Your Hair Clips.

Washi tape is Fun and easy to use. Instead of buying new hair clips, update the ones you have.

old cedar planter needed replacing what to do

Old Cedar Planter Needed Replacing. What to Do.....

I live on a public golf course, so I like to keep my garbage can and heat pump hidden from that...

bath sheet to bath mat cost nothing

Repurposed Bath Sheet to Bath Mat

Bath Sheets are expensive, but my tall hubby loves them. He keeps asking me for a new bath math, and...

spring update for my table

Spring Update for My Table

The rain is relentless, so I had to cheer up the house. Created a centerpiece.

simple solution to gift wrapping

Simple Solution to Gift Wrapping.

I like recycling as much as I can. When I have medium to large gifts to wrap, no boxes and paper...

bird feeder bath

Bird Feeder/Bath

A special gift for a house warming party.

space saving christmas decor

Space Saving Christmas Decor

My home is too small for a Christmas tree, so I had some fun using recycled materials to create my...

patriotic boating outdoor decor, Anchors Away

Patriotic, Boating, Outdoor Decor

We have some friends that invite us to go touring the canals and lakes in their boat. So I wanted to...

organizing my current

Basket With Handles for My Crochet Project

I am moving from room to room and like to keep my projects organized so I can take them with me. I...

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Nancy Ludwig
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