from marine junk to treasure trunk

From Marine Junk to Treasure Trunk

I found this used trunk on sale for $15 on offer up and immediately a light bulb turned on!! We drove one hour to pick it up and I bought it despite the fact my husband teased me all the back home calling me a hoarder 🙁😒...

stools transformation

Stools Transformation

These stools were bought used on offer up for $15 each. I got tired of the plain white leather look and decided to give it a furry touch!I took a tripto Jo Anns fabric, looked for the furriest of all fabricsc and bought 1yard. I used it to upholster these stools and make a couple of sofa decorative pillows. I Measured around the stool, cut a square piece to cover the top and staple under neath it

don t discard your empty wine bottles please

Don’t Discard Your Empty Wine Bottles Please!

After going around in circles looking for new ornaments to decorate my family room tables and realizing glass decorated bottles were back in style (and expensive) I decided to give that project a try!!

wooden floor front porch

Wooden Floor Front Porch

When we purchased our home the entrance front porch floor was painted in a burgundy gloss paint, it was peeling, it was ugly and I was done looking at it!

pool deck repainting

Pool Deck Repainting

The pool deck is our place to bring the family/friends together and have a blast but looking the way it was before it was embarrassing to even mention the fact we have a pool to anyone of my friends...

quartz built in wall unit guest living area

Quartz Built in Wall Unit Guest Living Area

Walking into my home was once a boring experience, but the ambiance changed when I decided to build a very elegant and cozy quartz wall unit!! 😍

garden gobblestone design walk path

Garden Cobblestone Design Walk-path

First impression is everything to me and after almost 2 years of relocating from New York and moving into our first home in the state of Florida, looking at my garden mess day in and day was time to change everyone’s first impression (about my front yard) for good!!

Elegant and cozy
Elegant and cozy