outside holiday decorating tips tricks and ideas for christmas

Outside Holiday Decorating Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Christmas

I absolutely love decorating for the holidays! This year I thought I'd share some holiday decorating ideas which I'm incorporating into my outside display for Christmas. I have some tips and tricks for decorating quickly, using items already on hand or found very inexpensively... hopefully it may inspire you! I live in an apartment on the second floor, and a fairly small yard, so it's always a challenge to decorate the outside... But that doesn't stop me! If you love the holidays and decorating as much as I do, you may find these ideas fun and useful!

semi permanent indoor gnome village

Semi- Permanent Indoor Gnome Village

So, finally I finished my gnome village! I swear, I've been working on this forever now!! I think gnome or fairy gardens are the ultimate way to let your creativity shine!! And they seem to be staying trendy too. I wanted to create an indoor gnome garden which I could keep throughout the winter months...thus 'semi-permanent' in the title 😊 I decided to build it into my entertainment stand. My entertainment stand was plucked right out of the 80's... large, heavy, solid wood, super bulky, actually, pretty ugly! I bought at a thrift store and really didn't care if I ruined it . I began by cutting one of the shelves out ... Now, I certainly don't recommend sawing up your furniture ! But if your piece is like mine, why the heck not?😊

getting the yard and garden ready for winter

Getting the Yard and Garden Ready for Winter

So, whether we like it or not, winter is coming! I thought I'd do a little post about some last minute projects I'm doing to get my yard and garden ready for winter. I absolutely love gardening and yardwork, but when we moved into an apartment a few years ago, I thought that was a done-deal! 😥 However, after talking with my landlord, he gave me full reign of the yard! So I definitely took advantage of it! I planted a garden, made several planters, did some landscaping... and have more plans for next season! But, it's now time to wind down and get ready for winter. Here's a few projects I'm doing to prepare for winter ...Garden beds...

autumn hanging wall decor

Autumn Hanging Wall Decor

From Styrofoam pumpkins into a beautiful wall hanging! It's that time of the year where pumpkins are EVERYWHERE ! In all shapes, sizes, prices, flavors...(pumpkin latte, anyone?😊) I found these little Styrofoam pumpkins at Wal-Mart for $.98 and decided to transform 'em into wall decor for Autumn. With jute twine running through the frames, it really turned out stunning! I needed something to donate to a local charity which was having an amateur art auction fundraiser. This may be it!

mailbox redux with a secret message for the mailman

Mailbox Redux, With a Secret Message for the Mailman!😊

So, I'm entering this project in the address plaque challenge, although it's not literally a plaque. I live in an apartment in a house that was split into three apartments . Our house number is on our mailbox. Everytime I get my mail, I cringe! 😮 The mailbox is old, shabby and looks as if it was neglected for 20 years! (It probably was, actually!😀) I asked my landlord if it was ok to do some improvements , and he gladly gave me permission to do whatever I wanted, including the yard which, by the way, is a WHOLE other project. But more about that in another post 😊On to the mailbox makeover...

spooky owl on a perch for halloween

Spooky Owl on a Perch for Halloween

Autumn is almost here and so is Halloween!! Admittedly my favorite time of the year! Love Love love it!! I started some spooky projects beginning with this owl on a perch. Not sure if I'd call him spooky really... turned out more cute than spooky 😊. I plan on making a few of them, in different poses, for my porch. It's a great project for the kiddos too! Now, I did say my cost was $0 because I had everything needed from my crafting stash, however, if you needed to purchase some of the main items, you can find them at any dollar store .

semi permanent indoor fairy gnome garden mailbox ladder and sign

Semi Permanent Indoor Fairy/ Gnome Garden: Mailbox, Ladder and Sign

Greetings ! If you are following these posts, you know that I am in the middle of making a gnome village which I'm building into my entertainment stand. It's taking a little longer than I expected because I keep changing it up and adding things! 😊 I began with a bonfire and bridge and continued from there. In this post, I made three little items to go into the village; a mailbox, ladder and sign. After this, it's time to put it all together! (that is, unless I come up with, yet another, project for the village 😊) ANYWAY, the materials I used for this project are: a wine cork, several small branch/sticks, small pieces of thin wood (balsa) , moss, left over paint, 2 small rocks, scrap Styrofoam, tacky glue, xacto knife, Sharpe markers (thin) and a paint brush.

semi permanent indoor fairy gnome garden waterfall

Semi Permanent Indoor Fairy/ Gnome Garden: Waterfall

Hi! My Gnome village project is moving along... yes, I'm now referring it as a village instead of garden because it keeps growing in size as I work on it! 😀 So far I've posted projects on making a gnome house, a bonfire and a bench... I'll figure out how to add links to these 😮 In this post, I made a waterfall to add to the village. I started with a battery operated desk fountain which I've had in a closet for a couple of years. And since it still worked (!) I decided to use it. Really, any desk top fountain will work for this project, with a few twinks. I got mine at Wal-Mart year's ago for $5, yesterday I went to my local store and they still had them! So if you'd like to use the exact same one , head to Wal-Mart! It operates with an a.c. adapter cord as well, which is what I used as to not have to deal with batteries. Anyway, I began with the fountain...

semi permanent indoor fairy gnome garden bonfire and bridge

Semi Permanent Indoor Fairy / Gnome Garden: Bonfire and Bridge

Howdy! So this post is another addition to my gnome garden project. I'm making an indoor gnome garden built into my entertainment center. Admittedly, the more I work on it, the more it evolves! I've added lighting and water features and it has expanded in size from just a little section of the entertainment stand to the entire top! I'm super excited to see how it all turns out 😀Anyway, in this post I made two items for the garden, a bonfire and a bridge. For the bonfire I used: a handful of red cedar mulch chips, a small terra cotta pot (2" diameter), some river rocks, and a battery operated flickering votive. In addition, you'll need tacky glue, a bit of moss, and a cotton ball or a bit of artificial snow.

semi permanent indoor fairy gnome garden gnome house

Semi-permanent Indoor Fairy /gnome Garden : Gnome House

I've always loved model displays. ..Christmas villages, train displays. ..anything miniature. I decided to make an indoor gnome garden. I looked around the house for a good place and landed on our entertainment stand. ..and a project is born! This post is for a gnome house made from an old log which will go into the garden. More posts will follow as I complete the finished project. ☺

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