getting the yard and garden ready for winter

Getting the Yard and Garden Ready for Winter

So, whether we like it or not, winter is coming! I thought I'd do a little post about some last minute projects I'm doing to get my yard and garden ready for winter. I absolutely love gardening and yardwork, but when we moved into an apartment a few years ago, I thought that was a done-deal! 😥 However, after talking with my landlord, he gave me full reign of the yard! So I definitely took advantage of it! I planted a garden, made several planters, did some landscaping... and have more plans for next season! But, it's now time to wind down and get ready for winter. Here's a few projects I'm doing to prepare for winter ...Garden beds...

autumn hanging wall decor

Autumn Hanging Wall Decor

From Styrofoam pumpkins into a beautiful wall hanging! It's that time of the year where pumpkins are EVERYWHERE ! In all shapes, sizes, prices, flavors...(pumpkin latte, anyone?😊) I found these little Styrofoam pumpkins at Wal-Mart for $.98 and decided to transform 'em into wall decor for Autumn. With jute twine running through the frames, it really turned out stunning! I needed something to donate to a local charity which was having an amateur art auction fundraiser. This may be it!

mailbox redux with a secret message for the mailman

Mailbox Redux, With a Secret Message for the Mailman!😊

So, I'm entering this project in the address plaque challenge, although it's not literally a plaque. I live in an apartment in a house that was split into three apartments . Our house number is on our mailbox. Everytime I get my mail, I cringe! 😮 The mailbox is old, shabby and looks as if it was neglected for 20 years! (It probably was, actually!😀) I asked my landlord if it was ok to do some improvements , and he gladly gave me permission to do whatever I wanted, including the yard which, by the way, is a WHOLE other project. But more about that in another post 😊On to the mailbox makeover...

spooky owl on a perch for halloween

Spooky Owl on a Perch for Halloween

Autumn is almost here and so is Halloween!! Admittedly my favorite time of the year! Love Love love it!! I started some spooky projects beginning with this owl on a perch. Not sure if I'd call him spooky really... turned out more cute than spooky 😊. I plan on making a few of them, in different poses, for my porch. It's a great project for the kiddos too! Now, I did say my cost was $0 because I had everything needed from my crafting stash, however, if you needed to purchase some of the main items, you can find them at any dollar store .

semi permanent indoor fairy gnome garden mailbox ladder and sign

Semi Permanent Indoor Fairy/ Gnome Garden: Mailbox, Ladder and Sign

Greetings ! If you are following these posts, you know that I am in the middle of making a gnome village which I'm building into my entertainment stand. It's taking a little longer than I expected because I keep changing it up and adding things! 😊 I began with a bonfire and bridge and continued from there. In this post, I made three little items to go into the village; a mailbox, ladder and sign. After this, it's time to put it all together! (that is, unless I come up with, yet another, project for the village 😊) ANYWAY, the materials I used for this project are: a wine cork, several small branch/sticks, small pieces of thin wood (balsa) , moss, left over paint, 2 small rocks, scrap Styrofoam, tacky glue, xacto knife, Sharpe markers (thin) and a paint brush.

semi permanent indoor fairy gnome garden waterfall

Semi Permanent Indoor Fairy/ Gnome Garden: Waterfall

Hi! My Gnome village project is moving along... yes, I'm now referring it as a village instead of garden because it keeps growing in size as I work on it! 😀 So far I've posted projects on making a gnome house, a bonfire and a bench... I'll figure out how to add links to these 😮 In this post, I made a waterfall to add to the village. I started with a battery operated desk fountain which I've had in a closet for a couple of years. And since it still worked (!) I decided to use it. Really, any desk top fountain will work for this project, with a few twinks. I got mine at Wal-Mart year's ago for $5, yesterday I went to my local store and they still had them! So if you'd like to use the exact same one , head to Wal-Mart! It operates with an a.c. adapter cord as well, which is what I used as to not have to deal with batteries. Anyway, I began with the fountain...

semi permanent indoor fairy gnome garden bonfire and bridge

Semi Permanent Indoor Fairy / Gnome Garden: Bonfire and Bridge

Howdy! So this post is another addition to my gnome garden project. I'm making an indoor gnome garden built into my entertainment center. Admittedly, the more I work on it, the more it evolves! I've added lighting and water features and it has expanded in size from just a little section of the entertainment stand to the entire top! I'm super excited to see how it all turns out 😀Anyway, in this post I made two items for the garden, a bonfire and a bridge. For the bonfire I used: a handful of red cedar mulch chips, a small terra cotta pot (2" diameter), some river rocks, and a battery operated flickering votive. In addition, you'll need tacky glue, a bit of moss, and a cotton ball or a bit of artificial snow.

semi permanent indoor fairy gnome garden gnome house

Semi-permanent Indoor Fairy /gnome Garden : Gnome House

I've always loved model displays. ..Christmas villages, train displays. ..anything miniature. I decided to make an indoor gnome garden. I looked around the house for a good place and landed on our entertainment stand. ..and a project is born! This post is for a gnome house made from an old log which will go into the garden. More posts will follow as I complete the finished project. ☺

cinder block planter with shelves

Cinder Block Planter With Shelves

I was trying to figure out what to do with extra cinder blocks which were laying in the backyard of my apartment. It really was an eyesore! My landlord gave me free reign to take care of the yard so I decided to do a whole yard makeover. ..oh, the ideas I have! A garden. ..flower beds...container gardens...and those cinder blocks! Since I rent, I really wanted to do this inexpensively too. I came up with a cinder block planter with shelves. ..and it was free! (Well, I DID purchase the flowers)

special gift from your furry friend

Special Gift From Your Furry Friend! 🐱

I actually made this as a Mother's Day gift but it certainly is perfect for an anytime gift too! We don't have children of our own, however, we do have Bandit. And we definitely love him like our child ! So, a gift from him to his grandmother is in order... A reclaimed wall plaque featuring Bandit with the word gramma. I started by getting pictures of him in different poses with the letters G R A M M A. I printed the letters on card stock and folded them in half so they would stand easily, then placed them on his favorite chair and snapped the pictures. Now this proved challenging as he's definitely a fidgety kitty!

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