How can we remove a chimney safely?

Our home is a little over a hundred years old. The kitchen has an unused and useless protruding chimney. It has been covered up many times during those 100+ ... See more

How do I shine an old aluminum kitchen sink?

The sink must be 40 years old and has never shined right. Is there a way to spruce it up?

How do I fix popcorn ceiling that is cracking?

We live in a 116 year old house. The popcorn ceilings are letting go in places, due to age and heat from wood stove. Can it be softened with water and glued back... See more

How do I find a project I was looking at earlier today?

You showed how to take a paper (Christmas) bag and place LED (10 strand) beind the picture and frame it. How do I find it again? I loved the idea!

Will lime (just before a rain) work in the yard to kill fleas?

We have two small dogs that keep getting fleas from our yard. My sister said said lime spread over the yard (1/2 acre) will kill fleas. She also said to do it just... See more

Something has left dark spots 'running down' the walls in cabin

Any Idea what this is? Any ideas on how to remove it? I tried scrubbing with Simple Green but it didn't budge! Oh deed! Someone said it may be Squirrel Urine!We... See more
q something has left dark spots running down the walls in cabin

HELP Standing Seamed roof leaking!!!

. Maybe where joined to add-on rooms the house is very old. Although, two rooms were added at sometime.The roofing meets at the yellow highlighted areas. They have... See more
q help standing seamed roof leaking

How do I transfer my posted question to correct forum?

I posted a question and have no idea where/ which category I posted it in! I REALLY need help on fixing a standing-seam roof on an OLD house. How can I... See more
q how do i transfer my posted question to correct forum

What are some good ideas for making something with used Oxygen hose?

I have to change my O2 hose and it seems a shame to just throw it all away! Any ideas of what I can do with it? I use some of it to tie up roses etc.

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