easy peasy pumpkin planter

Easy Peasy Pumpkin Planter

The orange plastic pumpkin trick or treating pails have been around so very long and is such a fond memory for so many, me included...

tin awning dressing up your inside window

TIN AWNING- Dressing up Your Inside Window

We were creating a laundry and dressing room combo out of a bedroom. We wanted something a little different and maybe even a bit fun in an industrial sort of way... This post focuses on the window portion of the laundry - dressing room makeover.

goodbye old carpet hello wood floors

Goodbye Old Carpet, Hello Wood Floors!

Our home is 100 years old and a few rooms were carpeted mysteries. I wanted to start working on the room that was going to become a guest bedroom. ...

summer wine brings autumn pumpkins

Summer Wine Brings Autumn Pumpkins

A summers worth of wine corks is exactly what's needed for this project! I've seen this done by others and finally decided to do it and it only took me 20 minutes it was just THAT easy!

hangin with my gnomies tire swing planter

Hangin' With My Gnomies Tire Swing Planter

Just last week I braked for a roadside freebie- a tire! I tossed it in my trunk and headed straight to the store for spray paint and rope, LOL! This project was similar to one I'd seen years ago and I was ready to make it mine! I knew what I wanted and that tire was making it happen.

the perfect pergola swing

The Perfect Pergola Swing

We've been working on the pergola and wanted some sturdy swings around the campfire. This one was a free plan for a swing that we really liked!We're so thrilled with it we posted it at Ryobi with the free plans and would love a thumbs up there-- https://www.ryobitools.com/nation/projects/jaime-costiglio-cedar-swinging-bench_12970

wrought iron mushroom table

Wrought Iron Mushroom Table

I had picked up a cute little black wrought iron table and 2 chairs set knowing I wanted to paint it but not sure how. Initially we did the chairs blue and the table yellow and it was cute for a season but I wanted something else.....

gardener wanted garden sign


I have seen some Garden Signs that made me smile, some that made me laugh, and some that made me snort, lol!Since I actually have some flowers growing out amongst the weeds and it's too hot to be outside this was a good time to make a sign.

quickest way to clean furry furniture

Quickest Way to Clean Furry Furniture

We have 2 cats - one short hair and the other long hair and they both contribute to having incredibly furry furniture. They love to sleep on the top of the recliner or on the the sofa. I usually defuzz everything a couple times a month. But sometimes I need a quick clean because someone is coming over so I frantically look for the PET HAIR REMOVAL TOOLS which never seem to be where they should be. I tried tape to get the fur off. It takes alot of tape!I tried a lint tape roller. Similar result as tape.I tried a pet hair and lint remover brush. It works but takes alot of work and leaves some behind and for some reason is always not where I leave it.I could vacuum it with the special attachment on the vacuum but it is a pain to get it out, attach the tool to clean and put it away. Not quick at all.

pergola seating for cookouts campfires

Pergola Seating for Cookouts & Campfires!

When we bought this house it had an existing Pergola that was in need of some TLC. We considered tearing it down but decided we'd work on bringing it back to life. Fall was coming and this would be the perfect space for roasting hot dogs and making S'mores!

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