wood resin and glitter christmas ornaments diy project

Wood, Resin and Glitter Christmas Ornaments | DIY Project

Create beautiful Christmas ornaments using wood, resin and glitter! Easy DIY project to trim your tree, or add to a Christmas package.Be sure to watch the video, to see exactly how I made them! Here are some highlights.

paris mixed media resin coaster

Paris Mixed Media Resin Coaster

Learn how to make a Paris Mixed Media Resin Coaster! Great resin DIY project! Be sure to watch the video, to see exactly how I made it!Here are a few highlights. For more pics, be sure to check out the post on my blog HERE!

freeform resin coasters diy

Freeform Resin Coasters DIY

Learn how to create these freeform resin coasters that have a honeycomb texture, in this DIY craft tutorial.

chalk paint mason jar craft diy project

Chalk Paint Mason Jar Craft ~ DIY Project

Learn how to create a chalk paint mason jar flower crate! Be sure to watch the video, so you can see exactly how I made it! Here are some highlights:

resin thread coasters diy

Resin Thread Coasters DIY

Today we are taking colorful string and/or embroidery thread, mixed with resin and turning it into coasters! Be sure to check out the quick video tutorial to see exactly how I made them!

scarecrow ornament fall diy

Scarecrow Ornament ~ Fall DIY

I had one of my YouTube subscribers ask me if I could make a scarecrow ornament. I had never thought about it, but I was up to the challenge! Thanks CookieBend for the request!Here is what I came up with and I hope you all like it.

halloween art decor diy dollar store crafts

Halloween Art Decor DIY ~ Dollar Store Crafts

Make some Easy Halloween Art using some inexpensive items from the Dollar Tree and the craft store! Easy and inexpensive! Watch the quick video to see exactly how I made it! Here are some highlights!

brain candleholder halloween diy

Brain Candleholder Halloween DIY

I found a brain jello mold at the dollar store and decided to use it to make a brain candleholder for Halloween. Halloween may be over for this year, but it's never too early to start planning for next year! Be sure to watch the video to see exactly how I made it, but here are some highlights!

black walnut pendant

Black Walnut Ornament

I did this craft realizing that black walnuts might be hard to come by, but hoping it would inspire people to look beyond the obvious and outer appearance of something to find the beauty. The black walnuts have these hearts hidden inside as part of their natural shape. All we are doing is exposing and enhancing it. These hearts are perfect to use as ornaments, pendants, to tie onto gifts, as ceiling fan pulls, tie backs on curtains, so many possibilities!The black walnuts come in these green pods that fall all over the lawn. They eventually rot to these gooey black pods. They are a huge pain to clean, but look how pretty they are when you get to the inside! Who knew!?! I did not! Really, what I was trying to accomplish was to get people to see things in a different way and see the beauty and make something even more beautiful out of it!

autumn vase craft

Autumn Vase Craft

Here is the project that I completed. It's a fall vase. This is a very inexpensive craft, if you can find the embellishments outside. But if you are in an area that doesn't have pine cones or acorn caps, they are available online.

Mona  ~ Craft Klatch
Mona ~ Craft Klatch
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