when a drawer is missing or defunct, chalk paint, painted furniture

When A Drawer Is Missing Or Defunct

Some people see little hope for a furniture piece that has busted drawers. Usually, I end up with drawers with no home and find a way to repurpose them. In this case, I had the dresser, but without two of it's drawers!

shabby chic fireplace mantel with painted tiles, fireplaces mantels, painting, shabby chic, tiling

Shabby Chic Fireplace Mantel With Painted Tiles

The fireplace in our master bedroom wasn't bad, but had some outdated flowered tiles on the surround. I also wanted a shabby chic look to match the rest of our bedroom. This is the third fireplace makeover we've done in a few months! Here's the result of the last and final one:

fireplace facelift beautiful mantel built with scraps, diy, fireplaces mantels, how to, living room ideas, repurposing upcycling

Fireplace Facelift: Beautiful Mantel Built With Scraps

The small granite surround on our fireplace was a pinkish tan granite, trimmed with narrow wood. I wanted something that made a statement but I didn't want to spend any money! We used scraps and things we found in our barn to build the mantel and I painted the granite with Zinsser's Perma-White paint.

dumpster drawer to towel hook, bathroom ideas, repurposing upcycling

Dumpster Drawer To Towel Hook

I found some cute old drawers someone had tossed out for the trash one day in our little town. i liked the look of them and threw a few of them in the back of my truck for a yet-to-be-determined use.

painting and stenciling on a granite fireplace, fireplaces mantels, how to, painting

Painting And Stenciling On A Granite Fireplace

The granite surrounding my fireplace had a pinkish hue. Never being a girly girl and hating the "pink", I decided to paint it. Lots of people advised me against it, but I went with my gut, and it turned out beautifully!

restoring history the gate house, fences

Restoring History: The Gate House

The "Gatehouse", as it's called on our property map, was once a stop on the interurban train car that went between Jackson and Battle Creek, MI in the early 1900's.

camouflaging damaged wood on dresser top, painted furniture

Camouflaging Damaged Wood On Dresser Top

Sometimes even I cringe at the crap I pick up off the curb. This dresser was nasty with a capital N. But with a little vision and elbow grease, most things are not beyond hope!

repurposed coffee table top, painted furniture, wall decor

Repurposed Coffee Table Top

A few years ago, I gave this hand made coffee table a paint job and it was so cute! But I didn't need a big round coffee table with a clock face, and apparently nobody else did either since my attempts to sell it failed. Let's take a look at it's little life over the last few years:

large pallet plus fence posts equals a loft bed, bedroom ideas, diy, fences, pallet, repurposing upcycling

Large Pallet Plus Fence Posts Equals A Loft Bed

A very similar conversation happened when I told my hubby to help me build a fireplace mantel. "I'm going to have to run in to town to buy some wood". "No, need to spend money! Just be creative. We have all sorts of scraps and wood outside in the buildings. I saved a big pallet the metal for the garage roof came on... that will be perfect to put the mattress on." And yes, come up with something HE DID! A few hours later, I went upstairs to see this!

spray painted vinyl chair, diy, painted furniture, reupholster

Spray Painted Vinyl Chair

A local resale shop was closing it's doors and the last of their merchandise was FREE! I was about the last one to the party and all that was left was the really nasty stuff that nobody else wanted. Of course, I loaded up my truck!

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