bhg knockoff at dollar tree price

BHG Knockoff at Dollar Tree Price

Saw small wreaths on BHG site but wanted it for a fraction of the price...enter dollar tree stores and a small green wreath from a thrift cost less the 10.00 with plenty of ribbon for other projects

kitchen window replacement

Kitchen Window Replacement

I hated our old kitchen window and it was far from energy efficient as well...we nearly doubled the window size with the new energy efficient window...

updated yard enclosure for chickens

Updated Yard Enclosure for Chickens

after many years of this project always getting put off till "next year"...I finally tackled it ...

kitty room

Kitty Room

When I lived in Arizona I made the kitties their very own room

window seat cushion

Window Seat Cushion

The versatile window bench...when not in use for overwintering plants becomes extra seating......and the covering can be changed out to follow the holidays.....

window bench

Window Bench

We finally made the window will have a dual purpose...late spring and summer and early fall it will be an additional seating...(I still have to make the cushion)...but late fall through winter it will house my plants that need overwintering in our Colorado area....there is even a plant light installed under the shelf hidden from view but still able to give the plants an added boost on cloudy days...(it gives off a pinkish hue).

cinder block planter

Cinder Block Planter

using cinder blocks and reclaimed lumber from an old fence we made a large planter blox

garden dragonfly decor

Garden Dragonfly Decor

I have seen dragonflies made from old ceiling fan blades...I wanted something far more primitive....

garden screen

Garden Screen

Here is a project idea that is something to give the sitting area a more private can also block some light but will not get blown over with a gust of wind.

house number plaque

House Address Plaque

I wanted to create an address plaque for our home while keeping with our theme here. I needed to finally put the numbers back on the house so using some left over reclaimed lumber and a metal wall art I found at the thrift store I put one together that we are really happy with! I just used some screws and gorilla glue to put it all together.

Susan Davia
Susan Davia