How do I make my refrigerator fit?

I bought my home 5yrs ago, since money was tight after purchase, I kept appliances that came w the home, as kitchen was beautiful besides appliances. When I'm... See more
q how to make refrigerator fit

I have no room for a bigger refrigerator someone please help me!

The house I purchased the kitchen was already completed except for updated appliances. Well when I went looking for a bigger one and started measuring the area where... See more

How can I landscape around my pool?

I have a above ground beautiful pool, no idea how to landscape around...Would like my above ground pool to look more in place besides looking more out of place in... See more

Patio over bad concrete slab- Any advice?

What kind of patio would I be able to put on top of an old cracked up, peeling concrete slab. I Only have maybe two inches to work w as the concrete slab is only two... See more

Help with patio

I have a large concrete patio, right outside my back door, very bad shape, broken, peeling, in BAD shape. At doorway threshold, only have two inches of space to come... See more

Michelle Nendza
Michelle Nendza