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Garden Herbs

I've had these wagon wheels, bought on a whim, leaning against our storage shed in a small neglected area of our yard forever it seems. I knew it was time to do something here. For a few days I just starred at them and thought how much they looked like clocks, but, I sure didn't have a need for an outdoor clock, much less two clocks, then I remembered seeing various wall gardens online and in magazines. So I decided to give it a try.

travel trailer sign

Travel Trailer Sign

After trading in our very small travel trailer on a larger one, I thought I would make a couple of things for it. The inspiration for this sign is America itself. I had an idea of how I wanted it to look, so I headed to the craft store to get wood stakes and letters.

wild about disney note holder

Wild About Disney Note Holder

Hi there! Here's a quick little project using wood letters, paint, and a stencil. I had this little wood piece, and thought it would make a cute note holder.

disney inspired wall sconces

Disney Inspired Wall Sconces

Do you know a Disney enthusiast? I sure do, my son. But, I didn't know how popular Disney theme home decor was until I researched it online. He wants to do a Disney Animal Kingdom theme in a spare room of his bungalow style home that he and his dad are renovating. I had these old sconces, and a few other items, so I'll be doing a few other Disney inspired projects for his home in the near future. So if you're a Disney fan, I hope you see them.

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Repurposed Roof Wind Turbine.

I'm being quite lazy today thinking about what plants and seeds I'd like to try this season and reading about how to grow pumpkins here in Texas. Apparently I won't have to sow the seeds until June or July for a fall pumpkin patch, when I remembered about my repurposed roof wind turbine pumpkins. I had my husband drag them down since they needed replacing anyway, so I could get my creative craving on last year. I think they'd be pretty cool marking the future pumpkin patch.

newborn keepsake

Newborn Keepsake

A newborn keepsake made from pieces of the moms baby clothes. My grand daughter had a baby girl and had several of her baby clothes that my daughter saved, but was damaged over the years. My grand daughter wanted me to try and use pieces of them to make something for my great grand daughter. This is what I came up with.

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Valentine Door Decoration

I don't usually decorate for Valentines Day, but I had a limb I've saved for a long time and decided to make a door hanging with it after seeing all the pretty Valentine stuff in Hobby Lobby, and all the sales they had. I'm not sure why I painted the limb since almost all of it ended up being covered. I guess I couldn't wait to try out the paint.

christmas angel

Christmas Angel

Back in the 1960's my mom made two angels, and last year I wanted to try and recreate them, but never got around to it. This year I decided to rely on the fuzzy picture and my fuzzy memory and make my version of them.

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This Repurposed Door Is All About That Pooch!

This is the first of five doors we'll be repurposing from a very small 1940's home we're remodeling. So, when this bathroom door came off, I thought it would be perfect for a pet stand to hold Coco's food and water bowls and her other numerous belongings. I bought a print a few months ago that fit perfectly on it. I don't know why it is, but sometimes, I just gotta redo something crazy, fun and totally unexpected. When opportunity knocks :-) .... you gotta do it!

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July 4th Center Piece

A fun and easy Fourth of July center piece craft. Gather the kids, a crate, Styrofoam shapes, letters, foam sheets, stars, and tinsel for a fun 4th of July craft that takes very little time to make.

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