master bedroom peel and stick vinyl plank accent wall

Master Bedroom Peel and Stick Vinyl Plank Accent Wall

Quick and easy way to give your boring wall (wherever that is, master bedroom in our case) a quick one day solo makeover!

staggered bedroom wood accent wall

Staggered Bedroom Wood Accent Wall

This idea came up because I've always wished at least one wall in each room to have some kind of accent wall in them :] I liked the feeling of wood and green (bringing outside to the inside feel) while still making it feel contemporary and minimalist so this is what I finally decided on!

diy industrial contemporary floating shelves

DIY Industrial Contemporary Floating Shelves

Needed to put some shelving on the top section of our bathroom toilet. I really like the industrial/clean contemporary look so we set out to build our own floating shelves :)

diy pallet bathroom

DIY Accent Pallet Bathroom

We redid our bathroom maybe about 2 years ago when we moved into the house. Just mostly putting new floors and vanity. The space looked plain and I wanted to give it a little pop :]We had most of our tools already and really only needed the nails for the nail gun. $8 and a couple hours of our weekend time was all it took!

faux concrete countertop coffee and end table

Faux Concrete Countertop Coffee and End Table

I love the concrete look -- but really, concrete furnitures aren't cheap! They costs 200-500 and more just for a coffee table so I set out to do my own version using whatever we have at home.

diy wood stove quartz ledger accent wall

DIY Wood Stove Quartz Ledger Accent Wall

We set out to make an accent wall for the back of where the wood stove would be. I would suggest looking first into county and city codes before you start on any project :) my hubby did all the research before we started doing it!

diy hearth pad for wood stove

DIY Hearth Pad for Wood Stove

The hubby decided he wants a wood stove in our house, and we looked around first for pre-made hearth pads and they just seem... old looking and costs about $300-$600 which was just too much for us to spend... so we set out to make our own 4x4 hearth pad!

guest bathroom remodel

Guest Bathroom Remodel

When we purchased our house, the bathroom was well... not the worst thing on the planet but I still wanted to do at least a small reno on it to give it a more clean updated look without breaking the bank (for now...)

simple master bedroom remodel

Simple Master Bedroom Remodel

I was on a tight budget on this one, mostly because we want to be sure that we don't overspend while renovating . Most of it really is just the beauty of carpet and paint :]

updating back and side yard

Updating Back and Side Yard

I wasn't really too concerned at first about fixing up our yard since... well, we are in the country after all. But after two puppies and a crazy rainy season in California... I definitely changed my mind. I wanted a grassy area in the back and side of the house so that when the dogs come in from the rain, their muddy paws would have a chance to be wiped off. And our mostly dirt road was really muddy during the rain! So we decided to gravel it up.

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