recycled wood planter boxes

Recycled Wood Planter Boxes

I took old wood and made it new by building planter boxes to line our walk path.

installing a vintage door wall

Installing a Vintage Door Wall

We took old doors and turned them into a mobile wall at a Antique Store.

painted seed starter planter box

Painted Seed Starter Planter Box

Decorate any Planter box with these finishing tips.

how to remove garden rodents

How to Remove Garden Rodents

Use natural methods to remove rodents in the garden.

garden sign with stencil overlay details

Garden Sign With Stencil Overlay Details

Jazz up the garden with a little flair by making unique signs with scrap wood and leftover accents.

dry brush frame chalkboard

Dry Brush Frame Chalkboard

A fun Chalkboard project to beautiful the home with a little artistic flair.

trio tea cup bird feeder

Trio Tea Cup Bird Feeder

Make this fun bird feeder using vintage tea cups and cedar fence boards.

building farm style gates

Building Farm Style Gates

Use 2 x 4's to build farm style gates for the homestead with these easy to follow steps.

companion planting herbs and strawberries

Companion Planting Herbs and Strawberries

Berries and herbs are two of my favorite things to grow; they offer many health benefits. Both are easy to care for and compliment when planted together.

diy fence board planter box

DIY Fence Board Planter Box

Make a Planter box from a 6 ft Cedar Fence board

Garden Up Green - Carole
Garden Up Green - Carole
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