Should I put vinyl flooring over tile?

As I continue with my kitchen research I have now confirmed that my flooring is not lineoleum but indeed tile. Thank you all with the previous question and answers. Having a party and helpful friends confirmed it. A friend of mine did suggest though about putting vinyl flooring OVER tile? I never heard this before and thought I would reach out to the hometalk fans for answers, advice and thoughts. I thank everyone in advice. Once again here is the picture of our TILE flooring.
q putting vinyl flooring over tile

Is this linoleum or tile flooring?

I have a kitchen floor from 1980 and some people are telling me it’s tile some are saying lineoleum. I plan on painting it but want to know first so I have the right products. Thoughts ? Advice?
q isn t this linoleum or tile flooring

How can I paint kitchen tile floor?

Been researching this and want to know if anyone has done this? I’m reading that using garage floor paint works best. Thoughts ? Advice ? Ready to tackle it after the holidays.

Something besides carpet and tile?

I have a raised ranch house and downstairs has the original 1980’s carpet. I want to tear it up and put down half carpet on one side and the other something else but not tile. Any suggestions?

Boring fence....older fence will be replaced next year- any advice??

Help. I have a boring fence that needs a lift. It’s an older fence and is not being replaced until next year but needs a facelift. I don’t want to put to much weight on it but it needs something ! Any advise.
q boring fence older fence will be replaced next year

Help with my wooden fence

Dull and boring fence. Any ideas to revive it!
q help with my wooden fence

Blank wall dilemma

Have a blank wall trying to do the room nautical. Any ideas?! I’m stumped
q blank wall dilemma