butterfly sunflower designed vanity makover

Butterfly/Sunflower Designed Vanity Makover

I really have a thing for old vanities, especially with big round mirrors. They can be expensive so I am always on the lookout for fixer uppers. I came across this little gem at a garage sale for $10! I could not contain my excitement and purchased without really looking it over (it was $10!)! I got it home and was really happy that the drawers were in excellent condition but found out that the mirror was broke on the right side, but everything else was pretty solid. No rebuilding needed. I just needed to figure out how to make the mirror work.

eastlake bedset makeover

Eastlake Bedset Makeover

I have always wanted an old antique bedroom set and stay on the lookout for one that is affordable. My limit was $250 and I had been keeping my eye out on local swap shop sites and Craigslist. Low and behold I found the bed and a dresser for $200. The ads pictures looked like it was in decent shape and stated that it really did not need a lot of work just a few minor things. Not! When I went to pick it up my husband was a flat out “No”, this is just junk, it would require way to much money, time, and work to bring it back to original. I refused to leave it, I paid the lady as my husband turned red and looked about ready to leave me there with the bedset. We started loading and as we did pieces began to crack and break and I cringed inside hoping it wasn’t a wasted $200. I got it home and accessed the damage. I had to do a lot of reinforcements on the headboard because of its height. There was a lot of detail that had to be replicated with wood filler and trim. The footboard was cracked and the marble tops to the dresser were cracked. I started pricing what it was going to be to bring this back to original and decided that it was just not doable. I pondered on leaving it in storage until I had the time and money. I had come up with something else. My home is very rustic/Farmhouse so painting it would work. I know a lot of people cringe when they see old pieces painted but sometimes that is the only solution. So I began tediously repairing the bed and replacing the marble tops on the dresser with wood.

beeutiful stained shaded dresser makeover

BEEutiful Stained Shaded Dresser Makeover

I received a phone call from my son saying “mom, there is a dresser on the side of the road a few streets from your house”, lol! Everyone knows I will take just about anything and redo it, so off I went to look at it. It was a solid wood dresser and needed a good sanding and the top replaced. I loaded it up and took it home. I had a client that was looking for a dresser with a design on it, she had bought another one of my pieces with a hummingbird on it and wanted one with a bee on the front.

sunflower designed desk

Sunflower Designed Desk

When I picked this piece up I was just going to touch it up and resell it. That did not happen as I just had to stain shade a design on it and update it. I really love doing sunflowers so my plan was to put a huge whimsical sunflower on top, paint and clean up the hardware.

mermaid lingerie chest makeover

Mermaid Lingerie Chest Makeover

While out looking around I decided to stop in at the Goodwill, sometimes you can find a good deal, today was one of those days! I found this tall chest for $12.99 and it was solid pine, which means a stain shaded design will definitly be done. I got it home and had to stare at it for a while before deciding on the design. I went thru many designs that I thought would work but a mermaid just stuck out. I really love old tattoos, like 1920-30’s type.

peacock designed table and chairs

Peacock Designed Table and Chairs

When it comes to rehabbing furniture I usually stick to things that people are throwing away because they are in such bad shape, or pieces that need work and people just don’t know how to fix them. I don’t know what got into me but I decided on trying to make my own table top, I already had the base and a set of chairs. I am really into stain shading and the majority of my pieces have art on them, so I thought what a great way to have a big blank canvas to work on. The project was definitely not as easy as I had hoped, I give props to those that build furniture...this will probably be the last piece I build for a while. The main reason is tools, your work is only as good as the tools you have to work with. Thankfully I was able to accomplish my goal with this piece. I hope you enjoy it. You can see more of my pieces at www.facebook.com/memawslovelyglass

fancy to fantastic antique secretary makeover

Fancy to Fantastic Antique Secretary Makeover

If it’s free or cheap then it’s for me! That is exactly what I got when I picked up this solid antique Secretary, I paid $20 for it. At first I was just going to clean it up a bit and resell it as is but as I started cleaning it up I just could not resist the urge to do a makeover. To paint it not to paint, to keep everything as it was or change? I hate making decisions so I will often take pictures at different angles, take pieces off such as doors or fancy pieces and just stare at it...As I was looking over some magazines I noticed people are really into primitive pieces and decor. This was not a primative piece but I thought for sure I could get it to fit in to that style of decor. I just love primative and I am seriously thinking about changing up my decor. So where do I even begin? See my detailed journey from fancy Secretary to primative desk below. Hope you enjoy the projects outcome as much as I did.

antique dresser makover with hummingbird design

Antique Dresser Makover With Hummingbird Design

It’s hot here in Arizona and it’s not the greatest time to work in the garage and definitely not a great idea to go junkin, but that is exactly what I am doing! I seen an ad on the local swap shop site for a free dresser, so off I went to pick it up. It was not in the best of shape but that is my speciality, taking junk and making it beautiful. When I got it home there was a big chunk missing from the top front, but the piece was there to fix it, thank goodness! It also looked odd sitting, like it needed legs or something. This dresser does have a stain shaded design and I have done a couple short videos to show how it is done, it is under my projects on Hometalk titled big ol’ sunflower table or you can see it and more of my work on my Facebook page. Www.facebook.com/memawslovelyglass

antique wash stand makeover

Antique Wash Stand Makeover

Well another project is done. I ran across this antique wash stand for $10 and me being me could not pass it up. I showed the pics to my husband and he refused to go with me to get it stating “it is too damaged!” That just sounded like a challenge to me, so off I went to pick it up. When I picked it up I noticed warping in the doors and the top and one front leg and one back leg had pretty bad splits, but I was determined to prove my husband wrong. I headed home to really look at the damage more closely. It was a really fun project and I love how it turned out!

big ol sunflower table

Big’ol Sunflower Table!

Anyone that knows me or follows me on Hometalk or my Facebook page know that I love stain shading anything and everything I can. For this project I had a table top I had used the legs for on another project and a base that I had sitting around just waiting for a top. I feel it definitely leans towards the primitive style and I just love how it turned out. I have posted a few pictures and a couple videos of the process. Please excuse my haggard appearance in the video, it is 110 degrees in AZ and I am in the garage...

Misty Gaines-Johnson
Misty Gaines-Johnson
About meJust a small town girl making beautiful things and having fun. I am all about saving money but not looking cheap...I am a true junk picker, you may see junk but I always see potential.