10 diy coastal rag wreath

$10 DIY Coastal Rag Wreath 🐚🌊

Hi Hometalkers!!! I saw one of these in a high-end store that was way out of my price range so I decided to make my own!

gorgeous sparkling epsom salt candle holder

Gorgeous Sparkling Epsom Salt Candle Holder.💎

Hi Hometalkers! This simple yet elegant idea is perfect for weddings holidays birthdays or any special occasion! Best part is you might have some of the supplies laying around your house like I did!

how to make your house smell wonderful with crock pot potpourri

How to Make Your House Smell Wonderful With Crock Pot Potpourri

Hi hometalkers! Growing up my mom always had a pot of cinnamon sticks brewing on the stove and every time you walked in her house smelled wonderful. No matter what time of year you can have that warm fall smell filling your home. I decided to do my own spin on my mom's cinnamon pot. Cinnamon is actually a very good smell to block odors and make the house smell very welcoming. I think I'm going to be experimenting with a few more recipes as I am trying to phase out candle usage in my house. My name is Beth and I'm a candle holic LOL. So here's how I made my crock pot potpourri. I hope you enjoy! Beth

dollar tree chic mirror and wreath

Dollar Tree Chic Mirror and Wreath!

So I was looking for a Chic new mirror but some of the major department stores have too high of a price tag on their mirrors and wreaths so I decided to make my own. First I headed to the Dollar Tree where I got all of my supplies with the exception of the paint.

salt and pepper shakers vases

Salt and Pepper Shakers Vases

This is a great idea for Teacher Appreciation Week, Mother's Day, anytime you need a small but adorable gift. It took me a very short amount of time to do and I hope you enjoy it!

small door with a huge personality

Small Door With a Huge Personality! 🚪

I saw this door in Dollar general and loved it but it needed an update to fit my cottage/coastal decor! So I got to work.

want to update your brick wall or faux brick wall here is how in th

Update Your Brick Wall or Faux Brick Wall With 3 Steps!

Hi!!! So Spencer and I are working on a project for our bedroom with an antique mantel. We bought the mantel and it had this outdated faux brick board and I wanted to brighten it up since we have a cottage/beach style going on in our house. It was super quick and easy and I want to share with you guys what I did.

new life to a previous project

New Life to a Previous Project. :)

If you guys saw my previous post on this Vanity Spencer made you'll know how much I love it! You can check out exactly how he made it on the last post I just wanted to update you guys on the colors I finally picked! My procrastination finally paid off. Over the weekend I finally picked this beautiful Himalayan salt color and gray accent.Here's a before picture of it it was just White. Actually it had zinsser primer on it until I figured out what I wanted so it really wasn't painted it was just primed.

from dumpster to divine

From Dumpster to Divine!!

This dresser was found in the dumpster by my husband! It was actually in pieces when he found it! We think it dates back to the early 1900s. In any case I had painted it white a while ago but it needed something it needed color and a little pizzazz. That's when I busted out my painting tool box!

a little spray paint goes a long way

A Little Spray Paint Goes a Long Way 🎨

Hi! My sweet husband brought this fabulous bakers rack home from curb shopping. It still absolutely amazes me the gorgeous pieces people throw away. Another man's trash is another ones treasure!!

Beth and Spencer Teller
Beth and Spencer Teller
About meMy husband I love DIY! We have a business where we take old furniture and make it new again! My husband also makes custom art from pallets check us out on Facebook at Sierra Stars furniture and gifts!!!