pine cone candle

Pine Cone Candle

Well it’s getting dinner time. So while it’s cooking, I’m going to show you this really easy craft you can do for Thanksgiving or Christmas..You can literally do this in about 10 minutes.

upcycled glass door

UpCycled Glass Door

I purchased this beautiful console that goes perfectly in my family room! One of the doors hardware was fitted terribly. Didn't match up, couldn't open, etc. I called the company, instead of sending out different hardware, they sent me another door. .

seashell memento box

Seashell Memento Box

Hi there! Well summer is almost over and I hope you have lots of fun memories. When my sons were young we spent many vacations at the beach! It was so much fun building sandcastles, body surfing, and collecting shells. Well here is another idea I had with what to do with some of those shells you have been holding on to.

rusty crusty chair makeover

Rusty, Crusty Chair Makeover

My BFF gave me these two outdoor patio chairs and dresser when she moved ;(

bunny pot

Bunny Pot

My little friend came over to make some fun crafts. Here is an adorable craft you can do with your children, and have so much fun!

laundry room painted sink

Laundry Room Painted Sink

So I’m getting the house ready for sale and find myself looking all around the house for projects that have to be done. Yesterday, I had a pretty productive day!The first project I wanted to get done was the laundry sink. It is a mess!!

pretty bulletin

Pretty Bulletin/Chalkboard

Hi there! Mariah (11 years old) came over yesterday, she was on a mission. With a large canvas in hand, she asked if I would help her make a bulletin/chalkboard for her room. I’m still not driving, so we had to go with what I have on hand.We started by painting half of the canvas with Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint. Be sure to stir really well.

lantern makeover

Lantern Makeover

I was at a home improvement store, and in the garden department, for some reason they had these on clearance:

sea glass

Sea Glass

Summertime I think of the ocean. Thoughts of putting my feet in the sand, looking for shells, building sandcastles, and listening to the surf.I have seen different tutorials online on how to create the sea glass effect.I had heard of this product, Krylon Sea Glass, and I just had to try it! I had purchased a glass cylinder at Dollar Tree, and made a cut out of a sea horse. I didn’t have any tape, which I would suggest you use, so I used some Elmers glue, and just put little dabs of it around the sea horse:

painting letters

Painting Letters

I had so much fun with little ones today. A couple of neighborhood kids came over to do some crafts with me.Today we painted letters. You know those 8″ craft wooden letters

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