How do I hang a soap dispenser on a textured tile wall?

Any ideas how to hang a soap dispenser on a textured tile wall? I tried the tapes that came in the box but no luck .Help!

How do I create privacy in my basement apartment?

Put something up to separate my basement family room and bathroom from the kitchenette. A door wouldn’t wor, not enough room. The width is about 48” and needs to stay... See more

How to repair and get rid of holes in my yard?

I have had small tunnels in my yard recently. We put down grub killer and it seemed to get better. Now, I have holes and tunnels much bigger. Them hole is about 1 1/2... See more
q holes in my yard

Can I repair scratched granite?

My husband was cutting up boxes on our kitchen island and thought granite with indestructible! Anyhow, he actually went through the cardboard and now I have 2 18"... See more

How to setup a dog cabinet?

Ok, strange question I know. I've checked around and all I can find are dog closets. While I am a nut about my two yorkies, I'm not ready to devote an entire closet... See more
q setting up a dog cabinet

How can I change a shiny silver metalic finish on my coffee table?

My coffee table has a very shiny chrome finish and I would like to make it more of a "satin" finish. Is there something I can brush on that would change the... See more

Janice Fuger
Janice Fuger