diy garden cart made from hose spool cart

Diy Garden Cart Made From Hose Spool Cart

Recently the neighbors threw out a metal hose cart to be thrown away. The hubby spied it and asked if we could have it. Now I'm big on curbside rescues, but didnt have the vision that the hubby had when he spotted it. Anyway we had a plastic one and I hated it and never used it. Why do we need another?Then the hubby let me in on his plan for the cart. To turn it into a garden cart for me to use around the yard. I was skeptical about his plan, after all I have a heavy duty garden wagon. But now I'm loving it!

mini diy photo magnets display a favorite photo

Mini Diy Photo Magnets - Display a Favorite Photo

Here’s a fun way to show off a favorite photo. Like a child’s school photo, or one of a four-legged fur baby. You can easily display small photos with these diy photo magnets. Also, a great way to use up some small thin pieces of scrap wood.

how to make a loose change jar for the laundry room, diy loose change jar

How To Make A Loose Change Jar For The Laundry Room

I love upcycling glass jars, and it doesn’t make a difference to me what kind of jar. Mason jars, pickle jars, etc. To me a jar is a jar and you can upcycle them into so many cute, and useful things.

how to make a solar chandelier

How to Make a Solar Chandelier

We ran across this beautiful yet dated chandelier one day while at Habitat for Humanity and snatched that baby up. The hubby has been wanting to make some outdoor hanging lighting, and this chandelier would be perfect for what he was wanting to make.

how to make an easter egg jar

How to Make an Easter Egg Jar

With Easter fast approaching it’s time to get started on some fun Easter Décor like this cute Easter Egg Jar. This would be a super easy and fun project to make with the little ones. Their sure to enjoy!

diy rustic planter for an air plant

Diy Rustic Planter for an Air Plant

Recently I purchased my first ever air plant, also know as Tillandsias. Now I need to come up with a planter for my new plant. Since I am into the farmhouse/rustic style, and love to repurpose glass jars I decided to turn a mason jar into a rustic planter for my new Air Plant.

repurposed spindle angels

Repurposed Spindle Angels

These two spindle angels were made from a couple wood spindles, and a few things that I had on hand along with a metal pot that I picked up at hobby lobby to use as the other base.

how to make a chalkboard pumpkin from a cutting board

How to Make a Chalkboard Pumpkin From a Cutting Board

I made this cut pumpkin chalkboard out of a wood cutting board that I picked up at the thrift store. I wanted to make something a little different than the pumpkin cutting boards that I have been seeing around. So I decided to add a chalkboard area as well.

the white pumpkin jar that wasn t a pumpkin at all

The White Pumpkin Jar That Wasn’t a Pumpkin At All

I thought that I would upcycle a glass jar into a white pumpkin for the holiday's instead of the traditional orange colored pumpkins. This pumpkin jar has three different looks, and could even be used after the holiday's as well.

repurposed tin cans

Repurposed Tin Cans

I love giving new life to things that normally go into the trash, like these repurposed tin cans. Repurposed tin cans make great succulent planters, pencil holders, or even storage containers for a craft room.

Linda @ Mixed Kreations
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