rustic picture ledges with homemade steel wool and vinegar stain, cleaning tips

Rustic Picture Ledges With Homemade Steel Wool and Vinegar Stain

Grab Steel wool & vinegar and copy this easy DIY!

build a mid century modern sofa table, painted furniture

Build a Mid-Century Modern Sofa Table

It has been a LONG week! While my body wants to sit on the couch and watch re-runs of the girlmore girls, my mind says I should be in the workshop building. SO! I sourced out some really great 22" hairpin legs and will be using them to build a mid century modern sofa table.

transform your laundry room floor with faux wood vinyl flooring, flooring, laundry rooms

Transform Your Laundry Room Floor With Faux Wood Vinyl Flooring

So I’m the guy who hates vinyl floor and linoleum. Specifically the faux hardwood type. But I’m also the guy who spent a ton of money on 3/4″ hickory hardwood for a house I only lived in for 16 months. And as hard as it is to admit this, it’s tough being two guys at once! I can’t be the hardwood snob (*cough* worst house flipper ever) AND hater of inexpensive alternatives that look AMAZING at the same time. It’s me or him.
Well I chose the other man this weekend. And I’ll never love…him again. I feel like I’ve taken this hyperbole to the end of it’s road. But I’ve done it justice.

organize dry pantry items with ikea jars and chalk markers , closet, organizing

Organize Dry Pantry Items With Ikea Jars and Chalk Markers!

I’m not going to lie to you. It’s an absolute MESS in our baking/spice cabinet.

build an upcycled coffee table, painted furniture

Build an Upcycled Coffee Table

While walking back from the park with the kids I stumbled upon two chairs that my neighbors were throwing away curbside . So under the cover of darkness I TOOK those chairs and ran awkwardly into my garage. It sounds much creepier than it actually was. Or maybe not. In any case, today I’ll be using the legs from those chairs to make an amazing and cheap upcycled coffee table!

diy magnetic chalkboard frame, chalkboard paint, crafts

DIY Magnetic Chalkboard Frame

After an unfortunate extended layoff due to CHILDREN (getting me sick), I'm back with some magnetic chalkboard magic. Using 2x3 sheetmetal, 1x4 pine, plywood and Rustoleum chalkboard paint I constructed a magnetic chalkboard to organize the family's activities in the kitchen command-center.

build a rustic coffee shelf, painted furniture, shelving ideas

Build a Rustic Coffee Shelf

I don’t get a lot of time. But when my daughters nap times sync up I can usually get some THINGS done. Today I wanted to build a rustic coffee shelf. But here’s the thing…if I used my power tools the girls would have woken up! So this was made ENTIRELY using hand tools. Oh and by the way...I’m TERRIBLE with hand tools…

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