last part of kitchen renovation


This is the last part of our Kitchen Renovation, we decided to replace the Floor and add a few new cabinets. We bought the house in 2008, as a HUD HOUSE, so you all can imagine what we've went through !!!!! It was Built in 1925 Squeaky floors a nasty basement and tons of work had to be done. I posted a few pictures on Facebook of the process. Before we moved in we gutted the whole house, and updated almost everything. This was the rest of the old Kitchen cabinets we replaced and the second tome for the Floor. We had replaced the kitchen floor, but it was so squishy, the other floor we put in just didn't hold up. this is A picture of the kitchen when we bought the house.

the love of stencil fun


POST CHALLENGE. STENCIL SOMETHINGI came up with the Idea to stencil this routed board at the last minut. I Had a Different Item I was going to stencil but unfortunately, It wasn't working out. So This is the last minute stencil project I came up with for the STENCIL POST CHALLENGE. It was extremely fun, I LOVE COLOR, and to blending colors together. Its a small board I boaght but it shows up bold. I left the wood bare because I wanted my colors to be bold and visible. I used one stencil and used it in different ways.

recreate beauty

Recreate Beauty

This is a table I bought from a resale shop, and I seen potential there. I really love furniture, and love to make it look beautifuL. So I bought the supplies and got started.

i nailed it sweet valentines


VALENTINES POST CHALLENGEI came up with this Idea because when I was a kid. I discovered putting a few nails in a piece of wood and wrapping string around it was so cool. I found the perfect colored yarn for the wrapping of the nails. And the wood is a small shadow box, to make it stick out from the wall. This will make it look extra dimensional. The nail size depend on the thickness of the wood you use. And the head on the nail has to be big enough that the string, yarn or what ever your wrapping won't come off. Start at the bottom tie a knot around the first nail. then begin your design. Its a little tricky wrapping the yarn, sometimes it will unravel off the nail. I wrapped twice around the nail in most spots.

sweet country saying wrapped in rope


POST CHALLENGE ROPE OR TWINEThis something I thought up because I haven't used my wood burner in a long time. I found the perfect piece of wood for this project, at Michaels craft store. There were other wood shapes i could have used but this one jumped out at me when i seen it.

magical snow land


POST CHALLENGE. WINTER WONDERLAND This Is my Winter Wonderland Post Challenge. I was so excited to do this post, It was so much fun. I really like making things with lights, it makes things so magical for me. I thought this up because I really wanted to make something in a type of shadow box. It's winter wonderland so of course it had to have snow, and wouldn't be winter wonderland without a snow man.

fantastic fuzzy fleece scarf


RECYCLING POST CHALLENGE This is a no sew fleece scarf, all warm and soft. I just Love to make things out of soft and warm fleece. It's Lovely as a blanket, or a pillow cover. I recommend if your not familiar with fleece fabric to get a very good pair of scissor. The reason why is because fleece is difficult to cut. I learned very quickl, when I first started making things out of fleece. And bought a pair of fiskar scissors. I made this scarf a little wider then I usually do. The reason I made it wider, so It can be folded in half to mak it thicker, or it can be opened up and draped across th shoulde. Or just be wrapped around under a coa.

country fabric box

Country Fabric Box

POST CHALLENGE ( FOR CARDBOARD )Ive been wanting to make a fabric covered box. So when this Post Challenge came up for making something out of cardboard it was perfect. Ive never made one before, so I was a little hesitant. Im not the greatest at measuring.So I just ran with it, I already had the fabric and got busy. Its made out of a shoe box, nothing fancy or anything, just something to store small things in. One mistake I did make, I put decoupage on the outside of the box. Then I realized it was right to just glue the fabric to the box, and not the fabric on the surface. This is what i did to the lid, and it turned out right.

loving candles ring holder


POST CHALLENGE KNICK KNACK USEFULHonestly I wasn't going to even enter the ( Knick Knack POST CHALLENGE.) I have been so busy with Thanks Giving, all the Preparation and Cooking. And now getting ready for Christmas, but I started thinking about the CHALLENGE. And once again I just couldn't help myself. I had to Enter My Post I had no Idea what so ever what to make. Then yesterday evening I was resting in my recliner, after whole day full cleaning so I could decorate for Christmas. And It Popped into my head I just really Love candles. I used to burn the real flame candles, then I decided its just as nice and much more safe to use the LED battery operated candles.

cute tiny turkey


POST CHALLENGE FOR THANKS GIVING I made this little turkey for everyone to enjoy for THANKS GIVING. I seen it at the good will store someone hade made. But the one I seen was different, I always put my own touches on the things I make. I thought it appropriate this little Turkey I made to help us all GIVE THANKS in a cute comical way. I Am Extremely Thankful For My Loving Husband And my Adult kids, and all in my Family.

Tammy Spalsbury
Tammy Spalsbury