cozy quilty chair

Cozy Quilty Chair

This project was so fun! My neighbor picked this chair up for me at a yard sale for $5. I forgot to...

cute little side table make over

Cute Little Side Table Make Over

I found this cute little table at a yard sale. I think I paid $15 for it. I decided to make it one...

antique chair

Antique Chair

I found this chair beside the road. I grabbed it up and started planning my makeover

bathroom primp for fall

Bathroom Primp for Fall

I love Fall. One of the rooms I have decorated is the bathroom. Here are a few "before" pictures

slight upgrade to coffee table

Slight Upgrade to Coffee Table

I found this lovely table at a yard sale. It didn't need much work but I thought I could enhance...

bike wheel wreaths

Bike Wheel and Motorcycle Wreaths

I have wanted to do this project for while and I finally got busy and searched at bike shops....

1911 singer sewing machine makeover

1911 Singer Sewing Machine Makeover

This piece had already been painted before I acquired it. So I have improved it's condition even...

this project is dedicated to the letter k

This Project is Dedicated to the Letter K

I cleaned and organized my garage yesterday. Since I don't have a craft room all my supplies are...

my anthropology piece, My tray

My Anthropology Piece

I have searched for what product I could make in the spirit of this week's challenge. I found some...

dresser makeover

Dresser Makeover

I picked up this dresser for free. It was quite a challenge and the process taught me so much. The...

Chris Kugler
Chris Kugler