climbing rose and clematis combination, gardening, Clematis Madam Julia Correvon and pink climbing rose

Climbing Rose and Clematis Combination

It is rose season at our house!
The pink climbing rose is blooming this week and oh, so fragrant. Last year I added a clematis to it, and this is the first year they have bloomed together. Clematis 'Madam Julia Correvon' is a beautiful red climber that we also have on a trellis by our Circle Lawn.
If you like this rose and clematis, you will also love our light pink rose bush and Clematis viticella 'Etoile Violette' in our Driveway Garden:

yellow foxgloves in the shade path garden, gardening, landscape, Digitalis grandiflora and Clematis William Kennett in our garden this week

Yellow Foxgloves in the Shade Path Garden

Along the Shade Path garden this week, the perennial yellow foxgloves (Digitalis grandiflora) are in bloom. They are a favorite every year, and seed themselves happily around our dry shade garden. After they have bloomed for about a month, I trim back their spent blooms to the first set of leaves. This deadheading helps them to re-bloom again in September, which is a real treat!
The Shade Path succession planting started out in January with snowdrops and a few Hellebores in February. It was a really cold spring, so things did not really get going until the Iris reticulata 'Katherine Hodgkin' covered the path in April, followed by many more Hellebores orientalis. Then, the shade garden was covered in blue and white for May. Oh, and there was quite a display of pink columbine in there too.

how totraining clematis on a tree trunk, flowers, gardening, hydrangea, Clematis Perle d Azur

How To Train a Clematis on a Tree Trunk

When I planted a climbing hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris) near our maple tree, I also planted Clematis 'Perle d'Azur', thinking that it climb the tree using the hydrangea vine for support. I knew that Clematis climb by wrapping their wrists around small twigs, so other vines are wonderfully helpful for their successful climbing.

Here are some tips to get a Clematis started up your tree!:

are my bulbs ok in the snow, flowers, gardening, Early Crocuses out in the snow

Are My Bulbs OK in the Snow???

People always ask, "Are my bulbs are going to be ok coming up in harsh winter weather?"
"My tulips are poking up and it is only January! Are they going to be ok?"
The answer 90% of the time is:

tips for applying mulch, container gardening, gardening, The last of our mushroom compost from last year

Tips for Applying Mulch!

We will have 3 yards of mushroom compost delivered this week. When I begin filling my first wheelbarrow, I will think about the mulching techniques I have learned from many and various gardeners over the past 10 years...
What I have learned so far:
1. This is a lot of work! So make it count for double the time & money: add nutrients while you mulch.

clematis along our fence, fences, flowers, gardening, The colorful scene in our Fence Garden today

Clematis Along Our Fence

Such a pretty scene today! Red Clematis 'Earnest Markham' and blue Clematis 'William Kennett' hover over the pink flowers of Geranium 'Bevan's Variety'. Pink columbine (Aquilegia) bloom in the distance in the Shade Path Garden.

front curb planting aka the front woodland, curb appeal, gardening, Our daylilies are all in bloom this week in our curb strip planting

Front Curb Planting (aka The Front Woodland)

July has brought the daylilies (Hemerocallis). The catmint, Nepeta 'Walker's Low' is just finishing up around our corner, but still has twinges of blue and lots of attraction for pollinators.
The taller orange daylilies (named so because each bloom lasts only one day) are Hemerocallis fulva, the common ditch lily that is often seen in the countryside. They multiply very quickly by digging and dividing the rhizomes. They are a great example of a plant that can do beautiful job in the garden, even though it is incredibly common, depending on its treatment. Gardens can be made beautiful by the correct placement and care of their plants, not just the amount of money invested. All of these type of daylilies on our property came from one large clump.
The shorter daylily is the one that is commonly seen at shopping centers, Hemerocallis 'Stella d'Oro' ("Star of gold"). It is a reblooming daylily, which is something to seek out in modern cultivars. Its yellow is just a bit brassy, so in some situations you might prefer Hemerocallis 'Happy Returns', which has a lighter yellow bloom.

rosa the fairy in our hill garden, flowers, gardening, Rosa The Fairy in the Hill Garden

Rosa 'The Fairy' in Our Hill Garden

The finale rose in our garden this month is the classic polyanthus Rosa 'The Fairy'. When we planted our Hill Garden, which started as just a pile of dirt from our new gravel parking area (see before photo), I planted four of these pretty re-blooming rose bushes to ring the hill. They are backed by four purple barberry bushes (which I am not sure I would recommend as they can be invasive in some areas, though they look lovely here). The silvery lamb's ears (Stachys byzantine) and evergreen moss phlox (Phlox subulata) fill in here. There is also a host of perennial flowers at the crown of the hill: Echinacea purpurea, Shasta daisies, Sedum 'Autumn Joy', Russian sage (Perovskia), Mallow and others.
I love this garden in all seasons, starting with the bulbs in early spring, then tulips (early tulips and late tulips), roses and daisies for summer, bold foliage in the late summer (Cannas are in again this year!), and more roses and Sedum for October, even til December snow. But for now, we are soaking up July. :)

potted display, concrete masonry, container gardening, gardening, ponds water features

Potted Display

When I realized we were not going to have the time or stone to finish this raised pond in the Pergola garden this year, I needed to find a temporary solution for the mud pit we had dug in its location. Sand + flag stones = pot patio for seasonal displays.....

gardening tips tulip combination, flowers, gardening

Trick for Choosing a Beautiful Tulip Combination!

When it comes to choosing tulips in particular, I have found a trick that really helps me have a good idea about what the finished planting is going to look like: just Google it.
The tulip is really hard to pin down, as its range of colors is so immense, even when looking at a single flower! From day to day, hour to hour, its colors change with the sun.
But, when you do am image search in Google, the varying different types of light and conditions that the photos capture gives you a much better idea of what to expect in your own garden. And of course this can be used with any plant combination, but I have found it essential for tulips.

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