How to build a dry creek on a budget

We have several oak trees around us that caused quite a bit of problems in different places around our home. When it rains it floods my sidewalk close to my front door causing dirt and leaves to float onto and eventually stick to the sidewalk. I’m not quite sure how to fix it. I have tried gravel before, but it didn’t work well. I was thinking maybe a dry creek to our front yard drain. We live in south Louisiana so there are no rocks available unless you go to a nursery and purchase. The prices of larger rocks are crazy expensive down here. Its a rock for goodness sake.
q how to build a dry creek on a budget

What can I do with HUGE eyesore??

Welcome to the neighborhood!! New neighbors bought home next door and brought their mini home with them. I'm not feeling very neighborly right now.
q what can i do with huge eyesore

Linda Dugal
Linda Dugal