embroidery hoop fall wreath

Embroidery Hoop Fall Wreath

Simple to make Embroidery Hoop Fall Wreath. You only need three items to make this adorable wreath.

diy faux fur stool

DIY Faux Fur Stool

There is something about the little fur stools that are everywhere right nowand I am loving them.......Months ago I saw one of these little cuties and ever since then I knew I had to have one

make wicker furniture look like new

Make Wicker Furniture Look Like New

Do you have wicker furniture that looks tired and old?Want to give the wicker a refreshed new look.Follow my easy steps and your wicker furniture will look like new

recycled tin can into flower pots

Recycled Tin Can Into Flower Pots

Don't throw out your food Tin Cans.I thought you might be interested in an easy way to make some great usable crafts from normally thrown away items?Most of you will have what you need right now. Food tin cans.Normally I have one or two a week that I throw out, don’t you?How about using them for some amazing, cute projects

brilliant trick faded jeans look new again

Brilliant Trick: Faded Jeans Look New Again

Got Jeans that look old, tired and worn out? You can put new life back in those jeans with my step by step instructions. Check it out.

easy decor framed hanging number, home decor

Easy Decor - Framed Hanging Number

This white wood frame has moved all around my house for a couple of years. Don’t you just love it when you can move a decor item around and it looks good. I picked it up from at an estate sale, correct that, it wasn’t white when I bought it, just natural wood, but most things that come in my house usually end up white, but anywho…..I used wood number tags that I made over a year ago, you can find the step by step tutorial on my blog.

diy wall art canvas poster, crafts

DIY Wall Art Canvas Poster

Wall Art……This was a fun project and only took a couple of hours. I decided to create my poster of places that our family has traveled, but you could make it whatever interest you. Maybe it would be your favorite cities or even cities that you hope to visit. Just have fun with it.

chicken wire planter guest gift idea, container gardening, crafts, gardening, how to

Chicken Wire Planter Guest Gift Idea

Guest Gift idea for your next girls get together! Make something different for your next party as gifts for your guest to take home. I know I love getting gifts when attending a party. Don't you? You can whip up these babies in no time. If you just want one for yourself that's ok too, but you really should share....smile! You know these would make great table gifts at a wedding, baby ...

diy lessons learned mixing chalk paint, chalk paint, diy, painting

DIY - Lessons Learned Mixing Chalk Paint

When I first decided to give the chalked paint a try I thought I would mix my own with one of the recipes I found online. Some of the paints can get really expensive, so this would be a budget friendly way to get the look of chalk paint I love.
Since I wanted to mix my own chalk paint....I decided it probably would be smart to try the paint on something small, not a big piece of furniture, just until I got my paint mixing skills done. Ha!
So I gathered my supplies and mixed the ingredients together.

diy beaded garden globe, crafts, gardening, how to

DIY - Beaded Garden Globe

Brighten up your garden or patio with this beaded garden globe. Fun to make and beautiful to look at. Step by Step instructions so that you can make one of your own. Check out this Summer Bead Challenge for all the different ideas and projects to make with Beads. 8 Bloggers and 8 Different ideas. Since its summer time, my ideas for this challenge was to create something for my garden or porches.

-bonbon-Farmhouse 40
-bonbon-Farmhouse 40
About meI adore living in the country, farmhouses, DIY projects, cooking, wine, coffee, boots and sometimes heels. Give me a cup of coffee, my favorite lipstick and I am good to go. Come along as we build our farmhouse/small farm -" Hello Country Life". Simplifying life one project at a time.