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Family Jewelry Christmas Tree

Wondering what to do with those pieces of costume jewelry you inherited, or broken pieces of jewelry you can't bare to part with? Turn them into a fabulous memento you can cherish.

acrylic paint pour using a sink strainer

Acrylic Paint Pour Using a Sink Strainer

Have you heard of paint pouring? I think it's a new trend that's happening right now! But I'm going one step further to pour using a sink strainer! Who knew a strainer could create amazing art? And without ever touching a paint brush, too? This is so me!

quick easy hand sewn upcycled denim storage basket, crafts, how to, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Quick & Easy Hand Sewn Upcycled Denim Storage Basket

Do you have old denim jeans you'd like to get rid of? Why not upcycle and turn the legs into cute storage baskets! So easy to do and you just need to hand sew three short seams?

let s make a clothespin basket

Let's Make a Clothespin Basket

When I think of baskets, I think of Fall and the various ways you can use them to decorate for the season! It's such an easy way to add simple touches for a beautiful look! Sure, there are lots of baskets out there - so many styles, sizes and prices to choose from, but how special would it be to make your own? And the best part, you can create a unique handmade basket using items from the dollar store! You won't believe how easy it is!

diy soda bottle beaded vase

DIY Soda Bottle Beaded Vase

Don't you just love recycle projects? It's always fun to see the finished item and be amazed at how it went from "that to this!" Stay with me because I'm about to show you how to upcycle soda bottles into an adorable vase decorated with filler beads and paint - it's a very impressive look!

craft sticks container

Craft Sticks Container

Sometime ago, I picked up a huge box of jumbo craft sticks on clearance for a couple of dollars. You can never go wrong with having craft sticks in your stash! Name just about anything and you can probably find it made out of craft sticks. Just google "craft stick projects" and BAM!!! Any type of craft sticks project you can imagine! And they're great to craft with kids, too!As for what I made - something simple and really not that creative. But very useful! A container of some sort - one to hold things, or a vase for flowers, or maybe a lamp for an evening glow. The best part - it's so versatile!

decorative film craft sticks lantern

Decorative Film Craft Sticks Lantern

I have an abundance of craft sticks in my stash! I love making projects using craft or popsicle sticks. Did you know you can find just about anything made out of craft sticks? Just look on Pinterest and see all kinds of projects from the very simple to the extremely intricate. I was interested in using crafts sticks to make some sort of lantern. And was curious to see how it would look if I printed an image in purple onto clear film and attached that to craft stick frames glued together to form a lantern sleeve where I could place different types of lighting for different occasions. This type of lantern really didn't take many supplies to create and quite easy to make!

how to update plain vases or bottles with wire netting and stones

How to Update Plain Vases or Bottles With Wire Netting and Stones

Want to enhance a plain vase or bottle for a decorative look? Here's how easy it is to add wire netting and colorful stones or beads. And the best part, you can use this technique on just about any type of vase or bottle!

newspaper flower basket cart diy

Newspaper Flower Basket Cart DIY

On rainy days, like we've been having so many of lately, it's always fun looking around the house to see what you can get into and make! Don't you just love a project that uses stuff you already have and cost next to nothing to make - like this adorable flower basket cart made out of newspaper? Just perfect for summertime! Here's how you can make one, too! Let's begin by making lots of newspaper tubes!

restyle a thrift store wooden bowl

Restyle a Thrift Store Wooden Bowl

I found a wooden bowl at Goodwill for $2.25, just perfect to re-style into the look of an artisan inspired hand painted pedestal piece!

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