organizing made super easy

Organizing Made Super Easy

How much easier can organizing be than to use sturdy cardboard boxes?

christmas table runner quick and super easy

Christmas Table Runner - Quick and Super Easy

Here is a very simple way to make a table runner at the last minute to brighten up your table for Christmas orany other holiday. No super sewing skills are required. This table runner is made from 45" wide fabric folded in half lengthwise. If you want a narrower runner you will have to adjust these instructions accordingly.

no sew bed skirt made from purchased valances

No Sew Bed Skirt Made From Purchased Valances.

This is a an easy way to make a bed skirt without having to sew. I have made them in the past and used elastic and was not really satisfied with the results and using the sheet between the mattress and box springs is a pain in the back to put onto the bed. The elastic idea was difficult to wash since it was a very long item that tangled in the washer and dryer. This idea is short valances that are easy to wash.

does anyone else fight with those small gardening kneeling pads

Does Anyone Else Fight With Those Small Gardening Kneeling Pads?

When ever I garden on my knees, those small pads that you find in garden centers, simply do no do the trick. I decided to make something water and weather proof and much larger to suit my needs.

how to shorten straps on a dress or top

How to Shorten Straps on a Dress or Top.

i often have customers bring in a dress or top which has the need of shortening the straps. This may help some of you that would like to learn how to do this alteration.

patriotic windsock

Patriotic Windsock

I was given one of these a few years back and it has long since sadly worn out beyond keeping. So I decided to make a few of my own.

make your own thread stand

Make Your Own Thread Stand.

I Needed Another Thread Stand for My New MachineThe stand I had was too short for my new taller machine.

make your own hose guards

Make Your Own Hose Guards

Nothing agrevates me more than to attempt to drag the garden hose to a new part of my flower beds, just to have it break off flowers as I drag it. So I decided to make hose guards of my own instead of wasting money buying those expensive ones from the garden stores. One web site wants $16 for one! I needed way too many to waste money like that!

from an olive barrel to a barrel planter

Pottery Barn Knock Off - From an Olive Barrel to a Barrel Planter!

A 50 gallon hard resion type barrel turned into a stone textured planter

organizing my sewing room

Organizing My Sewing Room

If you are any bit crafty, you know how overtly easy it is to collect so much stuff. Seems there are so many uses for all those items that others may pitch into the trash and this leads to "where to organize them for use"? Seems I always need another drawer! REALLY need to purge, but until then...........

Margaret Powell
Margaret Powell
About meI am owner and operator of a home based alteration/sewing shop.
I have enjoyed sewing since I was a young girl. I remember sitting on the treadle plate of my mother's sewing machine. I began sewing by having mother cut out and pin doll clothes for me to hand sew. I bought my first sewing machine when I got my first job in high school and mother allowed my to use her treadle machine as a trade in for my machine. I have sewn just about everything imaginable. Coats, hats, slacks, men's pants and suit jackets, all my 4 daughter's clothing from infancy thru weddings and all the inbetween!
I now do basically only alterations as well as teach sewing classes from my home. I do just about any alteration you may need.
Bridal is my specialty but nothing is out of the question. If you need something altered, then just let me hear from you.
If you have a sewing question, maybe I can help you there too.
I have sewn for over 65 years and have tried many hacks and many things thought impossible.
I also have gardened for about 65 years since I grew up on a farm and always helped in the garden harvesting. I have read so many gardening articles over the years that there is hardly a topic that does not interest me. I never get tired of sharing in these areas and hearing other's experiences. Do let me hear from you.