How do we make this table sturdier??

We built this table out of scrap cedar with just a circular saw and a drill and no idea of how to do angles. We were pleased to have done it, however,it is not sturdy... See more
q how do we make this table sturdier

What can I put up against a concrete foundation?

a concrete foundation that will not allow the foundation to hold any moisture please. I’m in Canada.

I have a whole unused bottle of fabric softener ?

I will never be using it in the washer, so I’m wondering if people have come up with other uses for it please?

Can I change a paint colour please?

I have a mis tint that I bought for $5 in yellow. I’ld like to make it lighter. It is latex paint. Can I add some white latex to get the lighter yellow? It’s one... See more

I can’t stand the lining...the birds- what an I use instead?

steal for their nests. Any ideas to line it with so I can put flowers in it please?

This mailbox needs help!

We’re in Canada so it must hold up to heat and cold....freezing cold. Any ideas. I don’t want it to look wild, just pleasant please.
q this mailbox needs help

Can I make an easy planter

Stand out of pressure treated fence boards. I was looking for an example etc. Thank you. Plus, would I have to line to stop wood rot.

How to make items in a gift box display.

I have a large wicker box that is lined. I then have all tall bags of snacks like chips, cheesiest and popcorN. They don’t come higher than the gift box, so what can... See more

I have loads of knitting needles..

Has anyone ever done something with them that’s interesting please.
q i have loads of knitting needles