christmas globe, christmas decorations, seasonal holiday decor

Christmas Globe

Took a vintage cookie jar sprayed adhesive inside poured some snow inside ,shook, and used Epsom...

from my garden, gardening, homesteading

From My Garden

Two weeks of canning :) Tomato bruschetta topping, green chili, pickles , jalapeno jelly, and ginger...

everything is planted and placed, gardening, outdoor living, ponds water features, Cleaned the pond added plants Asia in her favorite spot

Everything is Planted and Placed

Worked really hard and now it is time to watch everything change and grow each day ....Love my...

fairy birdbath garden, gardening

Fairy Birdbath Garden

All done and ready for the contest I am sure I will add or change it for Ihave 4 times already Ha...

vertical watermelon, gardening

Vertical Watermelon

We leaned a large farm gate on our 6ft. fence and we are a success on growing watermelon vertically...

spring is springing finally, flowers, gardening

Spring is Springing :) Finally!!!

Just so happy to see green after a long winter or it seems to Us gardeners ...

greenhouse cone, gardening

Greenhouse Cone

Sadly my pup had to have eye surgery , On a positive note The 18$ doggie cone is being put to good...

succulent bowl, flowers, gardening, succulents

Succulent Bowl

My love affair with succulents :) put several mushrooms I have collected and birds :)

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