how to make a folding lawn chair

How To Make a Folding Lawn Chair

This design kept my interest and I've decided to make one of them, I'm happy I did, because it turned out great!To do it yourself we are adding at your disposal a free 3dD plan.To receive your plan support us by subscribing to our newsletter and sharing with your friends at the following linkThanks in advance for your support!Ok Now let's begin...

eassily display them in your kitchen

Easily Display Them in Your Kitchen...

How can you easily use pallets wood!!!And just a few slats...In this article I am showing you how you can create a simple wine glass Rack for with pallet wood that we can all find around in the street...Alright let's make it happen...To receive a free 3D plan, support us by signing up to our newsletter and sharing with your friends at the following link...

how to make an easy corner wall light using a walabot diy device

How to Make an Easy Corner Wall Light Using a Walabot DIY Device

As always Mr ATC for another idea of housing and today guess what???We are going to create a simple and easy DIY corner light… This corner was so dark at night that I have decided to add some light to it using a walabot DIY device in order to find the cables, pipes and studs in the wall.If you want to see more project from me feel free to subscribe to my channel here

multifunctional workbench transform it in whatever you need

Multifunctional Workbench - Transform-IT in Whatever You Need...

Sometimes the most difficult aspect at home is to make enough living space and creat furniture saving us some spaceThis is one of the reasons why we have been thinking and designing Transform-IT.Basically it's a workbench, but this tool can also be changed into a table, a drawing table, a kid desk, a cocktail stand or even a table saw cart.Join me below to see how I have done it and feel free to watch the DIY videoYoutube: A plan is also available here for you for a very small fee

make your xxl pallet shelf easy design diy

Make Your XXL Pallet Shelf // EASY Design DIY

We all like pallet projects right???In the below article, I am sharing with you what could be created out of two EURO pallets... In every house you can be sure that there is some dedicated spot for a nice pallet project... What do you think?Some support can for sure help us to share more project like this one with you!!! So If you would like to support the: Another idea of housing project subscribe below and join us on social mediaYoutube: We are adding here a free interactive plan so you can create it yourselfif needed: click hereThanks in advance in you decide to support us!!!Ok let's start it now...

idea to recycle laminate slat on the wall

Idea to Recycle Laminate Slat!!! On the Wall...

In this project, I will be sharing with you how I am recycling 3 laminate slat in order to create a very nice wood accent to a Wall...To see more about me and my work join me here:Youtube: Twitter: And let's go green together ...

a diy pallet wine rack with led lights a free plan

A DIY Pallet Wine Rack With LED Lights + a Free Plan

2 Years ago I have created my last wine rack with pallet wood, I have decided to refresh the design and this time bring some more color on board (Using LED lights)Of course if you've decide to create it for yourself using this example, I am as always sharing here a free and interactive plan with you... Check it out!!!If you like it and think some of your friends will, feel free to share to support us...In case you would like to follow the projects I am working on, join me on my Instagram page here

what about making a fancy room divider

What About Making a Fancy Room Divider???

Sometimes we want to change the definition of the given spaces so today we are going to change that by building this new wall divider in the living room… Feel free to see more projects here on our facebook page:

summer is coming make your garden bar stool

Summer is Coming... Make Your Garden Bar Stool...

So in the article, I will be showing you how I've created 2 bar stool for our easy project that can be made in just a day... and as always I will be providing a free plan with the dimensions

how to build an easy and diy pallet shelf free plan

How to Build an Easy and DIY Pallet Shelf + Free Plan

Hello guys,In today's project, I will be showing you how i have created a DIY pallet shelf.If you have some free pallet around, this idea could help you to save some money and at the same time recycle...Alright let give it a start...If you would like to see more of my projects, fee free to take a look at MyATCtv here...

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