how to make a paper fall leaf garland

How to Make a Paper Fall Leaf Garland

Paper crafts are one of my favorite crafts because they're so inexpensive. Plus, it's a good way to use up old scrapbook paper since we all know that scrapbook ain't going to happen. This project uses copies of paint by numbers instead of scrapbook paper, but feel free to make yours with whatever paper you want. Old book pages would also be beautiful. I just happen to love paint by numbers...

how to make a scrap wood wall

How to Make a Scrap Wood Wall

Warmth is easy to add in most rooms through textiles. But what about a garage? I spend a lot of my time working in my garage painting and building furniture for my business. So I wanted an easy way to make the room feel warm and inviting. What I came up with accomplished that, plus used up old scrap wood and reminded me of past projects. Best of all, it was free. Learn how to make your own scrap wood wall.

how to stencil a rug

How to Stencil a Rug

When I wanted to add some color to my deck, I came up with a budget friendly way without spending a ton of money. Stenciling the rug that I already owned would give me some much needed pattern and color. Best of all, my daughter helped me with the project, so I was able to spend some lovely time creating with her.

anthropologie inspired ombre curtains with fringe

Anthropologie Inspired Ombre Curtains With Fringe

I love Anthropologie, but I cannot bring myself to spend $50+ per curtain panel when I have 4 windows to cover. IKEA is more in my budget at $25 for a PAIR of panels. But I still want those Anthro details. The details are what makes their products so lovely. Pretty ruffles, embroidery, patterns, trim and interesting dye jobs. I can dye fabric and add trim!

paint a plaid welcome mat

Paint a Plaid Welcome Mat

I had a hard time finding a cute welcome mat, so I decided to make my own. Rather than a cutesy saying, I wanted a graphic design that would work for most seasons and look great with my bright yellow door. So I decided to paint a plaid welcome mat.

hudson bay blanket inspired placemats

Hudson Bay Blanket Inspired Placemats

I love to collect vintage camp decor. Vintage camp blankets are high on my collection bucket list, but finding them at a decent price is pretty hard. Good thing I'm crafty! Until I find some to use around the house, I can make my own decor inspired by them. Like these fun, DIY Hudson Bay blanket inspired placemats.

how to make an embroidery hoop message board

How to Make an Embroidery Hoop Message Board

My daughter is the kid who wants to keep everything. It might come in handy some day!! No idea where she gets her crafty hoarding tendencies... To help streamline the mess, I made her a message board from an embroidery hoop. It allows her to keep special mementoes from friends and random Pokemon cards. Best of all, it was super easy to make! Sometimes fast crafts are the best!If only the rest of her treasures were as easy to tame...

how to make vintage inspired produce signs

How to Make Vintage Inspired Produce Signs

You know that feeling when you fall in love with something, but pass it up, go back to buy it and it's already been sold? That happened to me recently at a vintage shop. It was a simple sign that read "Peaches" and it just made me happy. Who knows why? So what's a crafty girl to do when she wants her own "peaches" sign? Make her own of course!

how to make an industrial pipe shelf

How to Make an Industrial Pipe Shelf

When I was redoing my bathroom, I needed extra storage. Industrial pipe shelves seemed like an easy DIY, plus they looked cool enough to give me street cred with my kids. Learn how to make your own pipe shelves.

shibori dyed slipcovers

Shibori Dyed Slipcovers

When we replaced our dining room chairs with comfy upholstered ones, I knew that the white slipcover wouldn't last long in our home with messy kids and a dog. So I dyed the slipcovers shibori style to protect them and hide messes.

Emy Flint | Semigloss Design
Emy Flint | Semigloss Design
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