green dresser makeover

Green Dresser Makeover

I paint a lot of furniture, but I'll have to admit that this green dresser is one of my favorites.It started out so plain and boring. The results still make me swoon. Maybe because this particular green paint color is my favorite.

make your own gift tags

Make Your Own Gift Tags

Every time that I sit down to wrap presents, I seem to run out of gift tags. Luckily, these are really easy to make. I even had my daughter help me make a bunch one day. She really enjoyed mixing the patterns of washi tape.

how to make paint swirl ornaments

How to Make Paint Swirl Ornaments

I made a batch of these ornaments years ago for a craft fair. Recently, I was inspired to make another batch in the colors that I love for Christmas. That's one of the best parts about this project - customizing it with the colors you love.These ornaments are easy enough to let kids help you in the process, but also they're pretty enough to give as gifts. Most kid crafts aren't exactly gorgeous, ya know.

two tone painted washstand makeover

Two Tone Painted Washstand Makeover

I'm not sure why, but I can't pass up a washstand when I see it. They're always inexpensive and I love the scale. Smaller furniture means that it's faster to paint. I also love the idea of rescuing something that is overlooked. This washstand received a retro two tone look in yellow and white. It was a harder piece to sell, but I thought it turned out so cute.

painted metallic pumpkins

Painted Metallic Pumpkins

Painted pumpkins are my favorite way to decorate for Halloween, so I'm always looking for new ways to paint them. I love using fake pumpkins because they don't rot and can be stored for next year. These painted pumpkins use a bronze patina kit that creates a chemical reaction. It's really fun to see the patina react to the metal in the paint.

update a wreath with mushrooms

Update a Wreath With Mushrooms

For me, fall means mushrooms. I love walking through the woods and seeing all of the amazing varieties and colors of fungi in nature. So when it came time to decorate for fall, I turned to those mushrooms for inspiration to create a wreath. This project is really easy, but also really cute: my favorite kind of project!

how to make a paper fall leaf garland

How to Make a Paper Fall Leaf Garland

Paper crafts are one of my favorite crafts because they're so inexpensive. Plus, it's a good way to use up old scrapbook paper since we all know that scrapbook ain't going to happen. This project uses copies of paint by numbers instead of scrapbook paper, but feel free to make yours with whatever paper you want. Old book pages would also be beautiful. I just happen to love paint by numbers...

how to make a scrap wood wall

How to Make a Scrap Wood Wall

Warmth is easy to add in most rooms through textiles. But what about a garage? I spend a lot of my time working in my garage painting and building furniture for my business. So I wanted an easy way to make the room feel warm and inviting. What I came up with accomplished that, plus used up old scrap wood and reminded me of past projects. Best of all, it was free. Learn how to make your own scrap wood wall.

how to stencil a rug

How to Stencil a Rug

When I wanted to add some color to my deck, I came up with a budget friendly way without spending a ton of money. Stenciling the rug that I already owned would give me some much needed pattern and color. Best of all, my daughter helped me with the project, so I was able to spend some lovely time creating with her.

anthropologie inspired ombre curtains with fringe

Anthropologie Inspired Ombre Curtains With Fringe

I love Anthropologie, but I cannot bring myself to spend $50+ per curtain panel when I have 4 windows to cover. IKEA is more in my budget at $25 for a PAIR of panels. But I still want those Anthro details. The details are what makes their products so lovely. Pretty ruffles, embroidery, patterns, trim and interesting dye jobs. I can dye fabric and add trim!

Emy Flint | Semigloss Design
Emy Flint | Semigloss Design
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