new look for refrigerator

New Look for Refrigerator

When the door seal on my fridge decided it had had enough, I shopped around to see what it would cost to replace the refrigerator. What a shock to see how high the prices were for a similar fridge. Rather than have to spend a fortune I decided to look at replacing the seal and giving the fridge a makeover.

fix plastic door inserts and crisper drawer for fridge

Fix Plastic Door Inserts and Crisper Drawer for Fridge

I'm busy revamping my fridge to replace the door seal, spray the outside with Rust-Oleum Appliance Epoxy and fixing up cracked and broken plastic door inserts and crisper bins. There is a broken door insert, as well as a couple of cracked salad crisper drawers that need to be repaired. I worked out it would be far cheaper to fix these than replace the entire fridge.

slat garden love seat, diy, how to, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture, woodworking projects

Slat Garden Love Seat

This garden love seat is made using pine slats and marine plywood supports. Once sealed there's no reason why the bench shouldn't last a lifetime with regular care and maintenance.

scandinavian side table

Scandinavian Side Table

I love Scandinavian design, and these pretty Danish-style tables are easy to make using 16mm pine plywood that you can buy at most hardware stores or timber merchants.

use an old saucepan to make a dog bowl holder

Use an Old Saucepan to Make a Dog Bowl Holder

This plywood dog bowl holder is a 10-minute project using leftover scraps of 16mm plywood and a saucepan with a broken off handle.

action figurine table lamp for boy s bedroom, bedroom ideas, crafts, how to, lighting, repurposing upcycling

Action Figurine Table Lamp for Boy's Bedroom

Inspired by a project that I saw on instructables, here's how to take all those action figures and turn them into a quirky table lamp for a boy's bedroom.

recycled paint can stools, crafts, outdoor furniture, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas

Recycled Paint Can Stools

If you are doing any painting projects this year, here's a great way to recycle plastic paint containers into comfortable stools. I made stools for outdoors, but you can make them for any room and particularly for a child's bedroom or playroom. Pop some comfortable cushions to fit into the top of the plastic containers and you have instant seating. When not in use you can take the cushions indoors. Or spray them with Rust-Oleum Never Wet Fabric Spray.

make a wire cupcake stand, crafts, how to

Make a Wire Cupcake Stand

A couple of years back I bought a wire cupcake stand as a gift for a friend. It appears to be no longer available locally. Wanting a cupcake stand for my own use, I decided to try my hand at making one. So here's how to make your own wire cupcake stand... cheap!

garage door panel upcycled, diy, doors, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects

Garage Door Panel Upcycled

One of my neighbours had their garage door replaced. The workmen were tossing out the old door, which was made of Meranti. I couldn't see all the wood going to waste, so I asked for some of the panels to use for projects and to make a house number plaque.

recycled can plant holder, container gardening, crafts, gardening, repurposing upcycling

Recycled Can Plant Holder

Here's a way to repurpose aluminium cans into an attractive plant holder to add a touch of greenery to any room in a home. I had some chain that was too large for the project at hand and I didn't know what to do with it. Then I came up with the idea of using aluminum coffee cans, of which I have plenty, to make a hanging plant holder.

Janice Anderssen
Janice Anderssen